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By gzt (Thu May 31, 2018 at 12:58:59 AM EST) gzt, carnegie hall (all tags)
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uhhhhhh freight train going at a brick wall

Things that aren't making it onto other social medias:

So my right triceps are still feeling funky - at the elbow - so that's really put the kibosh on upper body lifting. I think the tendon is like clicking over the bump of the elbow? which is bad if it's happening.

I've been running a fair bit.

The other day I started listening to some Esperanto podcasts because why not. there's a couple hours of content per week between them, it's news, mostly. I mean, why not? I know all the grammar, I just have bad vocab and no experience speaking. So I'm picking out words and stuff.

jorbs are good, I should get one lined up.

My mother is singing at Carnegie Hall this weekend. If you're in New York, give it a whirl.

I was going to say more but I forgot what

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