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By gzt (Mon Dec 31, 2018 at 01:45:51 AM EST) gzt, torture, cable, fake bikes, old linux, pgp, not ready for the desktop, social media (all tags)
seriously. also the laptop. we're getting a little edgy here. looks like... Friday for the one and late next week for the other. hmm. man, that's a while.

So I've been slightly ungooglifying a few things - I'm on firefox on all devices and I'm using other search engines. I don't think, in principle, this really matters all that much: I've given them a lot of my information over the last decade+, my primary e-mail is google and that's not changing (I have other accounts on a "what's this all about" basis, but they're not really as good, especially on the free tier). However, it's good the have a little diversity in the ecosystem. Different search patterns get out into a slightly different bubble. I like the fine-grained cookie/saved data control that Firefox with Containers + (mandatory) Temporary Containers gives me. I have no illusions about the fact that, gasp, advertisers get information about me and will target me with (worthless, overhyped) advertisements. If anybody really deserves ire, though, it's the facebook: we all knew they were doing this stuff, but they lied about a good chunk of it. I downloaded all my google information and most of my facebook information because why not

I've also got my whole PGP/GPG/etc stuff all set up now for no particular reason - there's literally nobody that actually uses it and it's a real pain. LastPass is oddly annoying about this. They have a template for storing your GPG keys and such - a field for the passphrase, a field for the public key, you can do attachments to store other stuff like a revocation key or ever your private key if you like to live on the edge... but for whatever reason the "passphrase" field doesn't present itself to be pasted like most passwords - you have to go into the where it's saved, manually unhide it, then copy and paste it. I tried making my own "secure note" template and found that a "password" type field have to be named "password" in order for it to present itself to be pasted out like that. So it's not based on the type of the field, but the name. That's messed up! Why PGP users stick with the odd nomenclature of "passphrase" is beyond me, but that's none of my business. So I made a template that kind of works, I guess.

I'm also trying, as an experiment, using an e-mail client instead of webmail, since I have a couple different things to keep an eye on. But the google interface to google mail really is pretty good, usually, though they keep trying to make it more smooth (by hiding more buttons/functionality and stuff). So on desktop that's Thunderbird. And, like, if it's google mail, using a different client it's degoogling, it's on their servers.

I saw some mentions of Pleroma ( the other day - it's basically like Mastodon except a little lighter and fixes a couple minor problems, part of the GNU/Social "fediverse". Light enough it can run on a raspberry pi and has a gopher interface available, of all things.

Elbow bothering me while lifting after that break for Xmas and a little before. Hopped on the bike today, kept things in the mid-80s (as an average). They play video like you're going through the mountains in like the Tour de France and increase resistance, which might be interesting if I weren't busying myself rather than watching. The resistance really isn't quite like going up a hill, from my memory of riding bikes up hills (it's been a long time since I've been on a bike, now that I think of it), but it's resistance. I was rather damp afterward.

Oh man, I have right here my old backups of documents from like 2006, burned Linux install/live media from like 2007... got some KNOPPIX, got some Kubuntu...

More fun damn technology news: so I was running into a little liquidity problem with everything coming up at the same time and had to move some funds around, cash a check or something, and at that moment found out that the mobile phone app for my banking institution no longer works with my version of Android. WELL. Isn't that convenient? Things worked out in the end, but, come ON.

For some reason I had this 8 year old article in my "Most Visited" section of my bookmarks (presumably automatically generated): Why ARE liberals so condescending?

This recent article was pretty, pretty good: It has Dick Cheney and a sex dungeon!

This, stolen from lm, was a rather interesting read about Christianity, modernity, and the relationship with meat and animals:

I know that feel:

Speaking of Dick Cheney, this is the best response to anybody who waffles and thinks torture is okay:

EDIT: I haven't read this yet but I'm putting it here so I'll be forced to: how to talk to people


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