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By jimgon (Sat Dec 15, 2018 at 08:58:26 PM EST) (all tags)
Reactivated my Facebook account.  

 Those who don't follow me on Hulvr or Twitter may have noticed that I reactivated my Facebook account when I updated my profile picture.  I don't want to use FB, but I have a need to have a usable FB account.  Unfortunately I have to monitor other people's social media accounts to make sure they are acting like adults. Considering my own past with social media and limited adulthood in my usage I chose to delete my previous content.  I used a Chrome extension to delete all my posts, comments and likes on FB.  It took about twelve hours all things considered.  I chose to delete image files by hand since some of those were actual pictures that were fine to leave up.  So now I have a FB account that has no posts.  All things considered I'm happy with it. I decided that the Unabomber profile picture is probably not acceptable at this time and updated accordingly.  I've taken the liberty to take a look at some posts and after two years of mostly exclusive use of Twitter, the FB feed (or whatever it's called) looks alien to me and not something I wish to interact with.  So if you post something to me on FB and I don't respond I'm not being intentionally rude.  I'm just not using the platform the way it is intended.  I do plan on adding some limited content in a couple weeks, but I don't have much to post there anymore.  My personal content is split between Hulvr and a very public Twitter account and my political ranting is going to a my older mostly anonymous Twitter account.  Speaking of Twitter I also deleted my content there again, but I do that a couple times a year these days (ever since tweets started getting inserted in online news articles (I still feel the pain of the time the Hill used one of my tweets)).  

I guess the only other noteworthy news at this point in time is that my eye surgeon was pleased last week at my one month follow up after my surgery.  The retina is firmly attached to the back of the eye and I'm cleared to go back to the optometrist for a new prescription.  Part of the surgery included attaching a "buckle" to my eye to change it's shape which has increased my near sightedness considerably.  

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