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By hulver (Thu Oct 19, 2017 at 04:48:04 AM EST) (all tags)
For Yorkshire Gubbins

A pointy clicky adventure game type thing.

It's quite fun, the voice acting is good, and it's pretty funny in places.

Takes about an hour to play through.

It could do with being a bit more complicated in the puzzles. Basically once you've found every object it's pretty easy. I was wondering around for a bit at one point because I missed an object, but once I went back over every bit of it I found that.

I'm going to play through it again to try and pick up the last of the Steam badges.

And it's cheep. Price of a pint of beer.

Bit of a strange thing about how I bought this game. It's all dulltrev's fault.

When I first started on twitter, I followed a few husi people, dulltrev being one of them (not seen him online anywhere in a long time). He was following a few people, who I followed as well. One of them was the girlfriend of the person who got prosecuted for allegedly threatening to blow up Robin Hood airport in a stupid tweet. Hipster mode, I followed them before they were famous

She was from Northern Ireland, and was following some people from there, some of those were developers, who I also followed. Going down those links, I ended up following the developer of the "Yorkshire Gubbins" game, and kept up with it's progress on Twitter.

So, I blame dulltrev.

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