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By anonimouse (Fri Sep 02, 2016 at 03:38:47 AM EST) (all tags)
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Mr Minimouse got his GCSEs back and I suppose I would say that they're 'acceptable' but he could have done better. He got an a Distinction (or whatever) in ICT, A in Maths, B's in 2 Sciences and English, C in Psychology and the less important subjects got less good grades. Anyway, I just hope he puts more effort into A levels.

I'm taking Miss Minimouse and 4 of her friends to a concert on Halloween as a (delayed) birthday present, so that should be fun. Last weekend I took her and her boyfriend to Stratford and spent a  pleasant time sitting steering whilst her boyfriend rowed.

One of our Maine Coons has become a little thin, so we took her to the vets. Blood tests revealed nothing wrong, so we presume she's just losing out in the competition for food with the other 3.5 cats (1 of our cats has been 'adopted' by a neighbour)

I've been letting the garden get out of hand, but Mrs Mouse recently made friends with a couple whose husband is out of work, so we agreed to pay him some money to clear it out. Unlike other such arrangements this one seems to have worked out quite well, and my garden has gone from "Jungle" to something that looks a little more well maintained.

I've been informed I've got an extension till December, but not seen the paperwork though. However, I'm still trying to convert my pay from quite good to extremely good, so looking for alternatives. Also I'm a bit paranoid about looking for work close to Christmas/ New Year.
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