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By yankeehack (Sun Nov 20, 2016 at 11:30:01 AM EST) (all tags)
Sometimes trolling with the long game in mind does work.

First things first, funny story from LO. She's not much of an advanced math kind of person, but she's also not completely terrible at it like me. So she walked in her calc midterm a few weeks ago with 10 problems to do and was told she had 2 hours to complete.

LO startles herself by getting the midterm done in a half hour, rechecks her work, and is done like 40 minutes in. She doesn't want to sit there, and ends up being the first to leave the midterm. LO gets an A on the midterm.

In other news, looks like LO is gonna escape the Chem class with a C or so (D is still passing at her school). She scored right at the mean for the class for the midterm and scores will be rounded up at the end of the semester. She's planning to take Chem 2 at school next semester.

LO has been sending me listings for field research opportunities for next summer. If she keeps this interest up, she might go hard science after all.

LO comes home late Tuesday for Thanksgiving. She seems excited about it, and I am sure I will hear more stories.


Last night my siblings with their spouses, their kids and I celebrated my Mom's birthday. (My sister finally bought a house just 15 minutes away from where I live.) My Mom was happy (grateful that we had the opportunity to spend another birthday with her), the kids were rambunctious, and I did not want to immediately strangle the SIL because she actually helped clean for once. The one good thing is that my eldest niece actually acted like a normal 9 year old, thanks to her medication regimen. Also, it got my brother's and sisters T-day obligations out of the way.

There was a meandering convo between my sister and SIL where my SIL said, "I'm not really on Facebook and Twitter anymore, they take up too much time." And then she looked straight at me to see my reaction. Heh, because it's a straight out lie. Hiding someone who craves attention on FB, and having them react to it, is a beautiful fucking thing.


Work is...interesting...and full of drama. So, I work with a bunch of nerds (both USian and Indian), and with each passing day, I tend to like the group a bit more even with all of their...character flaws. I get the dynamic and can play to it.

Two weeks ago, I was told to report to the co-founder instead of directly to the diva salesguy who originally brought me in. (Mainly because the projects I'm running are technical.) Fine by me. So I have this nominal relationship with the salesguy where there's some (to him maddening) exchange where an engineer comments on some marketing thing and the salesguy then calls me up to loudly bitch (and I mean yell) and complain about how they don't know anything, he doesn't have resources, and about how he has no friends at the company. He also pulls the same thing to the co-worker who is doing inside sales. I can't imagine why the guy has no friends at the company.

The relationship between him and the co-founder is strained, and not a normal CEO/Sales relationship, and that's the first of the salesguy's issues. It's very obvious that salesguy is getting strongarmed out of certain company operations. Also, last week, we did not talk at all.

Anyway, I've been working on an Interweb redesign project that should launch at the end of the month. Salesguy will hate it and hasn't been kept in the loop by me or the co-founder. I've been working with another techie woman who is writing content and a designer located at our office on the subcontinent. Lots of early morning (for USian) video conferences. The project has been shaping up this week, and we shared the link with the stakeholders. I was sorta shocked when the nerds were impressed by some of the things (err, for marketing) I designed on the site. With that feedback, I know that no matter what happens drama-wise, my skills are needed.


Otherwise, pretty quiet here. Due to the intensity of this week, I fell asleep twice with a glass of wine in hand in the evening. Have a date tonight with this German born but Americanized fella who is apparently overwhelmed by last minute kid logistics (he has half custody of one). We shall see.

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