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By yankeehack (Sat Oct 24, 2015 at 09:55:53 AM EST) (all tags)
The neighborhood is quiet.

I'm mostly through my first cup of coffee for the morning, may go for a second.

LO is at ACT testing (alternate college entrance exam) this morning and she's hoping to do better than she did the last time, when she bombed the test. The last time, she was at the local ratchet catholic high school and the proctor insisted on having the windows open for the soccer game outside. Also, the guy forgot to give the kids taking the writing section a second break and LO came home from that with noticeably low blood sugar - angry and irritable. So, hopefully this time is better, it's at a neighboring posh high school.

In other news, LO got back the results from the SAT she took in early September. She did not do better than her earlier scores - which is what it is. Kid took one prep class this time last year, but just really isn't interested in hacking the test. She can take it one more time for this admissions cycle, but no matter what, she's going to apply to the schools she's narrowed down on the staggered schedule she's picked. Her two safety schools have applications due next week and then her reach school that she really wants to go to in mid-November. She should know by late December for those three schools and then she'll apply elsewhere if she doesn't get into or gets waitlisted for the reach.

Her common app essay is based on the "what else should we know about you and your background?" gimme question. It's about her Dad.

Forgot to mention that kid apparently missed National Honor Society at her school by mere tenths of a point. Her guidance counselor seemed non-plussed when I brought it up last spring, so. I'm quasi annoyed by the situation, but she didn't game the system by taking honors instead of AP classes (in fact I had to sign several scheduling overrides over the years acknowledging that her grades might be lower if she took AP classes).

One of the the things I don't get about my kid and this whole application process is the fact she's refuses to acknowledge the extra curricular activities she's done (other than her sports and her camp). "That was just a dumb thing I did Mom," etc.  

I know, I know droning on. Just needed to type it all out.


Job hunt update: Funny, yet not. So first thing Tuesday, I got a note from the professional services company that they wanted to schedule me for another interview. (Funny in that during the interview, the hiring manager for the division was all like "You'll probably find out late next week about what I'm thinking.") I wasn't in love after the first interview, but I figured I will at least talk to them as I'm looking elsewhere. Get on an email thread with low level HR girl about how she couldn't get in touch with the next interviewer and she had to push back the time until Friday morning. I'm all "do whatever you need to and I will let you know if my availability changes" because why not.

Low level HR girl never writes the go-no go email for Friday, so I emailed her that morning just before the interview saying, "I"m assuming this is off, but let me know." (I should mention that this was a video interview so I did get dressed and do my hair/makeup just in case she was that much of an idiot.) 10 minutes later my phone starts ringing, I missed the call and it was from the HR Recruitment boss. He left me with the "could you call me?" message. At this point I'm thinking there was some big miscommunication about how the hiring manager didn't want to continue.

Oh no, it wasn't that. I got a hold of the HR Recruitment boss and he was mortified as he had to tell me that there was a meeting late on Thursday and they aren't hiring for 4th Quarter and he's oh so sorry he had to tell me in this way. (I'm all like this is a gift, as it works out for me.) I tell him not to worry, a delayed timeline works for me, the later I can start a new job the better. He said he'll contact me as 1st Q approaches.

Do I really want to work for management consulting firm professional services firm that won't hire at the end of year? Not really, but better than not having anything in the pocket.


Work is...well at levels where I can barely contain my angst. I haven't gotten this month's check yet, and I am not happy. I have to go and pull out money to cover expenses yet again this month.

The former Marketing VP emailed the core group on Thursday, basically asking what was going on. (He had to leave when we weren't growing - at that time, it was just product development issues - because the founder refused to pay him more. But he left on good terms.) I took the convo off thread (i.e. forwarded it to personal mail) and let him know that no we haven't fundraised and we're stuck on custom programming for clients. He got the message.

As he's one of the guys I am going to ask for a future reference, I also let him know that I'm looking for a new job. So he and I are discussing that. He's in his early 50s with two younger sons at home with his second wife (and I think three or four other older kids with his first) and he can't find an executive position that pays well enough to support the two younger ones and at least of the other kids in college.

He's also a very good looking Canadian who - if he were single - I would totally dig. Alas, we went out drinking with the founder almost two years ago, and while drunk, while staring straight at me he said he liked being married know.


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OH ONE MORE THING! by yankeehack (4.00 / 1) #1 Sat Oct 24, 2015 at 10:30:26 AM EST

The other day, a local to me recruiter emailed me at work with a "Career Opportunity!"

It was a job listing for a position that this recruiter could have easily put on any job listing site and gotten a ton of resumes for. But no, this dumbass was "networking" and wanted to start a conversation as I might "know someone".

Let me mention now that this person saw my LinkedIn profile - you know the one that mentions my leadership title, my two decades of work experience, my hiring and management duties. UR DUMB.

Since I was in a mood, I just wrote back, "Please unsubscribe me from this newsletter. Thank you."

10 minutes later, he get the befuddled response, "Oh I am a recruiter. I was just trying to network with you. Sorry."

I didn't respond and marked the address as spam, but man oh the potential with that thread. Talk about devaluing an "opportunity" just right off the bat. I mean, I could have just gone on about how I didn't have time and I just wanted to clean my inbox and how I don't read HR newsletters.

The other way I could have taken it (only can be done if you're chummy with HR or are a hiring manager) is to say that we don't accept unsolicited resumes from agencies.

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I'm at your airport by georgeha (4.00 / 2) #2 Sun Oct 25, 2015 at 02:24:54 PM EST
Looking for free WiFi.

Another trip, this time to Rome. More incentive to find a career with less travel.

The oldest kept retaking the SAT and ACT, I think she was hoping for a lucky day. It didn't happen, her scores didn't improve much.

I took the SAT twice by wiredog (4.00 / 1) #3 Mon Oct 26, 2015 at 07:17:37 AM EST
First was practice, second I got 1380/1600.

Earth First!
(We can strip mine the rest later.)

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