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a lamentation about church choir.

or, for certain NMH fans: I LOOOVE YOU, JEEESUS CHRIIIIiiiiIIIIST.

i wasn't even in the choir! but i have strong opinions and picked everything up by ear.

speaking of choir: listening to arvo part's ADAM'S LAMENT right now.

I'm worrying too much about music for Easter. namely, i'm worrying too much because , as we're trying to assemble texts, nothing i do will have any effect. they've done it before, they have old texts, so that's what we'll use, and it's painful to change even if nobody actually knows the music and it all sucks. also, the policy of having complete everything for everybody - all the texts and musics in booklets given out to everybody rather than, say, music for the choir with maybe booklets of text for the people (with some music) and for the choir to glance at so they know where they are and when to start singing what's in the music books. of course, we don't 'have' a choir as such. but this sort of thing makes having any kind of flexibility impossible, as changing a piece, instead of switching out one thing in a few binders, involves laborious fiddling with a booklet and killing a dozen trees. and the booklets really aren't helpful for the choir as they get printed off, uh, booklet-sized rather than as full sheets that can actually be read off of. anyway, I realize we're not Sretensky Monastery Choir (, but I wouldn't propose anything too ambitious. but there's also the sense that, you know, if you try to do anything mildly ambitious, and it's not in the booklet you made, it cannot be done. so i'm not going to bother with suggesting the russified greek, then latin, then slavonic "Christ is Risen" a la Sretensky, even though it's only four parts, is pretty simple, and i assure you it would come off great. (essentially, the settings in the first couple minutes from here (this is Sretensky, "best choir"):

anyway, as for myself: sooooo much oblom.

teaching tomorrow is not going to be fun, but i have a lot of material to get through. i'm just tired.

midterm reviews are in: only one person who says i don't know how to teach. it's true even if the rest aren't saying it. i have no idea what somebody teaching this class is supposed to look like. no clue. i'm lost. i never took any sort of course at this level. they had some good suggestions, and i was somewhat surprised that one activity that we did, which i thought didn't go so well, was called out specifically as something they liked and wanted more of. all right! we'll do that. excelsior!

I played a couple games recently on with an acquaintance. I wasn't very careful and lost to a poor player. from now on, NO PRISONERS.

okay, that seems to be enough.

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"To this day that was the most bullshit caesar salad I have every experienced..." - triggerfinger

maybe he's talking LSD by georgeha (2.00 / 0) #2 Wed Mar 26, 2014 at 09:30:51 AM EST
and really, really regretting covering Inna Gadda Da Vida.

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dirty prescriptivist.

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Its correct, for all intensive purposes. 

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you know, i do a lot of things that require very thorough and vigorous application of resources for short periods of time, so i'm very interested in things that perform well for all intensive purposes.

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Your welcome. 

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