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By georgeha (Fri Nov 14, 2014 at 03:19:05 PM EST) Eklund, walrus, hash, Ebola (all tags)
Tonight at least. There is good eating planned throughout the weekend.

Plus, four years too late, gaming and less!

Poll: Favorite cult TV series?

We're doing breakfast for dinner tonight, including splitting a can of corned beef hash. I expect my wife and I will eat about 1000 calories each with that. We can't do that very often.

Tomorrow is ribs, we'll have to get something for thirteen_year_old that she can eat in the living room, as she may not want to see us gnaw on bones.

I want to try a small turkey on Sunday, to get my turkey mojo back. Thanksgiving is fast approaching, and we're hosting for my parents and my sister and her husband, if he's not in the hospital. He's had a very rough year, with what may be years of dangerous living catching up to him. Anyone have a spare liver?

At least our porch is painted and ready for visitors.

The gaming meet is tomorrow, and I'm going to try Eklund's latest, Greenland, a fast paced game of surviving as the Norse, Thule or Tunit in medieval Greenland. Haven't you always wanted a game with walruses?

I had a close scare, I came back from NoVa on JetBlue a few weeks ago. Because it was JetBlue I had to fly through JFK, which was neat because it was my first time. What wasn't neat was it was the day the doctor found out he had Ebola. I was in the same metropolitan area as Ebola, but I think I'm fighting it off. Thanks Obama.

I also got to have a whirlwind visit to the Udvar-Hazy center. After 4 there's no parking fee, either. I spent around an hour there looking at most of the exhibits before heading to the airport. While I saw a Me-163, I never found the Natter that they're supposed to have. Searching today confirmed that it's not on display.

I think I saw the Black Widow and Corsair there nearly 30 years ago, on an aero trip to a conference. Somehow we were allowed to visit a restoration hangar (probably the Paul E. Garber Facility) that had a Black Widow and Corsair.

It was a nice visit, and I'd like to spend more than an hour there.

I made up for not paying for parking by dropping some cash in a box, and buying stuff at the gift shop.

Mrs. Ha's new nanny job is going well, and it will go even better when they move five blocks away from us.

Eighteen_year_old continues her very expensive education at school. All those things she disregarded in high school as not applying to her actually do apply. It's hard to learn with untreated ADD. Homework does help with grades. Studying does help with tests. Class attendance does help with grades.

On the positive side, she's been very proactive in dealing with this, seeing her counselors and wanting to see her doctor.

In thirteen_year_old news, she skipped trick or treating, because she wasn't close enough to her new friends to go with them.

She was also being told about some cool, edgy shows on TV that she should watch, including Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead. We decided to pursue the second, and it's been addictive. We're only four years late to that party. Without having to run around the oldest at night we can go two or three episodes a night.

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I had been meaning to ask by sasquatchan (4.00 / 1) #1 Fri Nov 14, 2014 at 03:43:00 PM EST
how college was treating your oldest .. Will she make it through the semester and stay ? Over/under on that ?

She'll make it through, and probably go next by georgeha (2.00 / 0) #2 Fri Nov 14, 2014 at 03:48:24 PM EST

There's also a chance she could pull B's or better in Chem and Pre-Calc.

RIT seems to be good about giving chances, though they get a lot of money for that.

She's a little disenchanted about dorm life, as some of the guys on her floor are sexist, entitled jerks. She doesn't like the cafeteria either, but she's a picky eater. She'd be happy eating mac and cheese and veggie burgers for the rest of her life.

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Next time you're in NoVa by wiredog (2.00 / 0) #3 Mon Nov 17, 2014 at 06:34:03 AM EST
Let us know. Maybe we can do a HuSiMeet.

Earth First!
(We can strip mine the rest later.)

Yeah, this was a real short term thing by georgeha (2.00 / 0) #4 Mon Nov 17, 2014 at 07:29:38 AM EST
Got up at 3:30 to make my 6 am, got to Leesburg by noon, the hotel by 6 and bed by 10.

Back to training by 8, left for Udvar-Hazy by 3:30, and the airport by 5:30.

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