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By anonimouse (Thu Aug 29, 2013 at 04:30:21 PM EST) war, syria, beer, toys, no hair (all tags)
Buggered and bewildered

Update [2013-8-30 6:9:38 by anonimouse]: I never knew writing to your MP would have so immediate a result
why don't emoticons work in the header?

Work: Had quite a busy day today fixing bugs even though I am departing tomorrow. A couple of other people are departing tomorrow, so the development team have taken it on themselves to declare Shite Shirt day (everyone has been raiding the charity shops and this site) and to have a very extended afternoon drinks session tomorrow. Just before that I shall have the delightful pleasure of dismantling my office chair (I got so pissed off with the crappy ones there I bought my own), so it and my 28" monitor can go in my car.

After work today I had a haircut. I am getting pissed over how my eyebrows and ears seem to be getting more fur than the rest of my head.

I am typing this in the middle of a pub quiz. I have decided I am pissed off enough over Syria to write to my MP, and that is before I have completed my first beer.

I have ordered myself a leaving present last night  , arrival should be sometime next week, although knowing my luck it will be when I'm defending myself from werewolves on the Yorkshire Moors in my new job. I'm planning to get 3 more similar ones with at least 2 having LTE so the Mouse family will be fully tableted.
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