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By LoppEar (Sun Aug 18, 2013 at 04:34:25 PM EST) moving, georgia (all tags)
I don't know why, it's a good August. Everything's compromise, waiting, too hot or too cold, but I like it.

Adventures in moving.
First thoughts on the new town.

I'm in the middle of writing up our adventures in MA and ME for the family blog, we had a great time though of course we tried to pack too many things into a long weekend. Sorry we missed ya jimgon, the schedule just got too tight based on how far it actually was to our Maine getaway. So there's that to talk about talking about, and get back to in a few.

The day we got home we finished packing up the apartment. We had got the city permit for parking our container on the street, and gone to the police department to get the signs to hang on the street... and the city had made it moot by hanging their own signs with intent to demo the whole road all week long. The next morning, the teamster dropping off our container was happy for the parking room but opted to not have them demo the container itself and conveniently parked it on the sidewalk right next to our door.

Thus began our easy farewell to Philadelphia, with jackhammers and the machine that eats asphalt running all through the night out our window for our remaining two nights. The next day they switched the parking signs to be all day as well as all night (sorry cars who didn't see that they did that after you went to work, I hope they just towed you to a random location nearby!) and we loaded our little cube to the absolute brim. My spreadsheet of cubic inches turned out to be within the margin of error, we only had to leave behind an office chair that was on the maybe-list. Cube was picked up the same day, the look on the driver's face as his forklift was initially outbalanced by our brimful packing...

Garbage day the morning we left, after some rain... garbage strewn everywhere from bags the garbage men deigned not to collect. Again, bye-bye Philly!

Leisurely drive over the weekend, camping and stopping with family. We arrived in our new town Sunday afternoon with time to tour around campus, me for the first time. It's cute and small. The campus wifi is unsecured, making it almost like free downtown city wifi.

Our temporary lake cottage is about 30minutes out of town, nice and quiet. I've gone into town a few days this last week to work from the coffeeshop ... let me stop right there and reflect on the main mental trick this small town is playing on me:

There is one-ish of each thing. There is one coffeeshop. It is a perfectly great coffeeshop of the we-roast-our-own-and-are-fairly-hip vintage. There is one weekly bar trivia, there is one property management company, there is one pool league bar (8-ball is wednesday night) ... it's not really a one-horse town, there are multiple grocery stores and apparently two farmer's markets, but the mental trick is that where things like coffeeshops or pool leagues in a city are a way of overlaying many small communities and networks in a large sea of people, here this is just one community.

Well, that's not true either, but I'm just starting to feel out the other lines here. There's a line that's starting to become clear between those who work at the university and the rest of the locals: the newer faculty we've hung out with so far do not have any connections outside of the campus. We're going to attempt to get more integrated than that, I don't know how hard it will be yet.

We've looked at most of the rental houses on the market this week, a mix of terrible destroyed-by-students and further out small/large/old/new houses. We'll be looking for a place to buy within the year, but do think we've found a workable smaller place for the time being. It will be nice to be within a mile or so of the downtown/campus, hopefully in a week.

We've had continuous rain for a few days, so the initial experience of "HOT DO NOT GO OUTSIDE" has been replaced by pleasantness, and I can run and bike to work up a sweat instead.

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terrible destroyed-by-students by wiredog (2.00 / 0) #1 Mon Aug 19, 2013 at 09:03:18 AM EST
In Harrisonburg VA there are (or were, it's been a couple decades now) these beautiful old victorian houses that were turned into student rentals. Beautiful hardwood floors, marble fireplace mantels, gorgeous detail inside ando ut. And then they rented to stoner and drunken students. Even as a stoner/drunk I mourned the ensuing destruction.

Earth First!
(We can strip mine the rest later.)

I can only fear by LoppEar (2.00 / 0) #2 Mon Aug 19, 2013 at 09:30:40 AM EST
The downtown area right around campus is mostly historic "antebellum" or so-styled homes. A few are campus offices, the rest are mostly sorority houses or other student rentals.

We were not looking to be that surrounded by the wife's students anyways, but I'm sure I don't want to see inside most of those within a few blocks of campus, since I know what I did in my college years. One of the places we looked at, the prior 3 guys had apparently not fully connected the washer hose, and just let it spray against the wall for a year. How tame destruction can be sometimes.

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