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By anonimouse (Fri Aug 16, 2013 at 11:23:55 AM EST) keep off the moors (all tags)
Well the interviews are coming thick and fast...

2 phone interviews today, one for a Perl role based in Birmingham, the second for a role based near to where I'm working in Berkshire. 
Both went well and I'm expecting a face to face for the Berkshire role and an actual offer for the Birmingham role. There's one problem with the Birmingham role though - because they've run out of office space they want me to work in their offices in North Yorkshire.

I also did a Javascript test for a role in London, my earlier attempt to work in London having failed. The test guy said my Javascript was  "very procedural and jQuery focussed". Personally I thought this was a bit evil as the skeleton they'd asked me to build on only had jQuery installed, so I made the assumption that they wanted me to do everything in jQuery. I've sent them an update using Backbone in an MV(C) structure. Honestly I think writing Javascript MVC stylee is an exercise in masochism.

Incidentally if anyone can tell me the best way to route button clicks (from outside a view) into actions on a model/collection in Backbone I'd love to know.

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