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By Trent (Wed May 08, 2013 at 08:20:09 PM EST) (all tags)
 The alley behind the pizza joint was filled with overflowing dumpsters, collection was not until Wednesday.  Jack walked down the middle of the dirt roadway, the wafting of rotten garbage filling his nostrils.  His bedroom apartment, with shared bath was three blocks down, two block to the right.  The bar with the cheap beer was three blocks down, one block to the left.  He reached into his pocket and knew he'd be making a left after his shift tonight.  A cat ran out from one of the many over turned garbage cans, a rat a bit larger than the cat was chasing it. 

Jack shuffled on.

 The sound of the highway was deafening.  Jack covered his ears, and rolled over.  he fell off the old matteress and fell to the ground with a thud.  He left out an audible 'oof' as his arm scraped on the pebbles he was now laying on.

"You wake up now"  The man who Jack had vaguely remembered from the night before.

"Yeah I'm awake, what of it?"  He said.  The guy had promised him a warm dry place to sleep, and after they had walked for at least two miles, this bridge was the best the man could do.  Jack didn't sleep all that well, he was convinced the bum was going to knife him as he slept and take what little money he had on him.  He had left the pizza joint and was on the road almost every day now.

"Not a damn thing, partner, was trying to make what they call the small talk."

"Well, I'm in no mood for any of that, seeing as I slept under a fucking bridge all night."

"Poor, thing, maybe you should.'  There was a loud bang, and then a bit of smoke in the distance. The man, the bum looked like he had shit his pants, turned on his heel and ran off.  Jack was left laying on the cold concrete, wondering what the fuck was going down.
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