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By h2odragon (Sun Mar 03, 2013 at 10:57:22 PM EST) drunkblog, anasfault, whine, whingery (all tags)
Where you get potted and never hit backspace. Shit, ya'll, this is how i do IRC. And you don't want to ask about what i do in a Dairy... pretty cowses...

If you don't care to read whining and whinging, skip this, and if you read anyway be sure to blam Ana as well.

"rx findhrt. i gove up." To quote my betters. Such eloquence... I aspire and miss.

I'm advising somone on IRC to whore themselves out to rural retired grandmas for living money... not that i think he could do it, just because its funny to say. I could do that but I'm not that into humans; i don't think i can fake sexual interest so well as to get paid for it, and the wife would almost certainly object. Besides that, the old chix aint got the endurance.. or blood clotting.

Ask little girl, "What will you do, tomorroe, when Mom is at work and Daddy has work to do to?".. HJer answer is an audible and impressive fart... This is my child, I can be proud of that, but i'm obliged to teah her cvililzed behavious and "now you say excuse me"... i feel sorry for this child, cuz im her faterh and she's going to be learning from me. At that, she's better off than many of her preshcool classmates, she knows who her father is. ... and she can actually talk, with words and all the fancy shit like that.

I need to find a job, soon. Esme (little girl) will be attending school regularly soon, leaving me free for enough of the day to have something resembling a job. Up 'til now i've managed to make a living doing what i want, which is nothing that involves being away froma  computer terminal with access to global span networks, since before there were really networks of global span worht the name. I gave that idea up when little girl was born because the common practice of having kid(s) and then both parents working their ass of to pay for professional third party child care seems stupid to both me and my wife. Of the two of us, socialization was far mor important to me than to her, and i stayed home to raise the child once that began to involve more than breastfeeding (i wasn't good at that).

But now that the EEVIL EDUKASHUNATION system is going to claim more of little girls time, i need to find renumerative outlet for the time that'll free up for me. Current ideas include things like raising prisewinner bulls or other livestock and harvesting their spunk for sale. This would only require a few thousand dollars in capital investment for fencing and liquid nitrogen gear; possibly some bribes to the extant market makers in likestock sperm for entry into the market. Some guy in IL just recently got sent to jail for not paying off the right people in TX for deer spunk.

I can make a computer do anything you'd like, but there's this unfortunate crossover in the market for that of dealing with people, which i have porblems with. If you need someone pissed off, offended, and possibly even slaughtered messily, i can do that; but calmly politely informed of things or anything else seems to be beyond me. Couple with phusical shortcomings like shedding skin and blood pretty much continously, there don't seem to be many careers left for me to pursuee.

And whilst im whining, what it with everyone on IRC going to sleep at a decent hour? there's time enough for sleep after you die; im looking for entertainment sometime after everyone else passes out in furtherance of their own lives, but there;s no one to play with and im reduced to persuing books or crackbrained algorithms for amusement.

"Hydrogen Sonata" was almost pointless, lacking in charm and depth compared to some of the previous "Culture" books, nearly as lam as Vinge's latest effort. Shit like this from established popular authors make me think that some of the awful shit i wrote is worth submitting to publishers again, and that's saying a lot, cuz i wrote shit that didn't even aspire to "cheese" ststus.

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Seems by MrMole (4.00 / 1) #1 Sun Mar 03, 2013 at 11:32:55 PM EST
like a whine diary and not a drunken diary. 

Do both, make it a wine diary by kwsNI (2.00 / 0) #2 Mon Mar 04, 2013 at 08:05:19 AM EST
Guess some people drunk type better than others.  Is that a skill you pick up with experience?

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Ana says I should indulge in the drunken dairy | 2 comments (2 topical, 0 hidden)