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By ana (Fri Jan 11, 2013 at 03:38:56 PM EST) shipwreck (all tags)
Boy met girl, they fell in love, they got married at the judge's chambers, and they went on a cruise for a honeymoon. Just about a year ago. 

And the ship, the Costa Concordia, ran aground in the Mediterranean. They survived. You read about it in the news.

Now, he's written a book about what really happened. And she, being a musician and composer, wrote a song cycle.

She was a ringer in our choir for a while (singing with the other, professional, choir, with additional appearances with us).

In other news, things seem to be going okay, for the most part. I've had a meeting or two about a conundrum that's been bothering me in the data at work for a while now, which was productive, and I now Have Ideas about what to do next. And colleague A was kind enough to not agree to meet with me today (when he's feeling flu-ish). Next week, unless he comes down with the Dreaded Lurgi.

And I signed up for a workshop on meditation and contemplative prayer at the Monastery here, which is tomorrow morning for 3 hours. It should be interesting, and, I hope, useful. I got out of the habit of taking time to do that kind of thing. And perhaps the brothers will have some advice on how to distinguish obsessive fretting from meditation. They're both in the sitting and thinking genre, but have completely different natures other than that. Also different from sitting and doing nothing, which is also something I'm good at. The cat likes it when I do that, as he can sleep unmolested in my lap for hours at a time.

We're having a January Thaw. It's been in the upper 40s all week. They're promising 50 on Sunday.

This week my mother, who's forgetful, and fretting about her future in the retirement center, and just wanting to go home, tried hatching her scheme to remodel the house to accomodate their electric mobility chairs, and move there. I (and everybody else) keep pointing out that Dad especially needs a lot more help than it's feasible to give him there. Unspoken but strongly hinted at is the idea that one or another of us kids will spend the next 10 years of our life taking care of her there. Which ain't gonna happen. It's sad, yes, but. Where they are now, my eldest brother lives right downstairs and is available to help out as needed. He seems to be remarkably good at setting boundaries, which is aided by the fact that he's a man of very few words, so he's not expected to give excuses.

Anyway. I think we talked her down for now. The folks at the retirement center are actively building an assisted care facility that should be ready by September, they say. I hope that's soon enough.

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Meditation... by wiredog (4.00 / 1) #1 Fri Jan 11, 2013 at 06:32:17 PM EST
I went to a vipassana? Visapana? Meditation class several years ago. I discovered that either I fell asleep, or my thoughts started going faster and faster, in circles, in a bad way. So I gave up on that. I find walking or riding the bicycle to be meditative.

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When I was in college... by ana (4.00 / 2) #2 Fri Jan 11, 2013 at 07:47:48 PM EST
I developed a habit of working on my mathematics homework by memorizing the important parts of the problem and going for very long walks, just juggling the puzzle pieces in my head til I could see a way through. Typically I carried a paper and pen in my pocket to record any insights.

Also in catholic Christendoms, there's a traditional devotion of going to meditate and/or pray or just be, in the presence of the Reserved Sacrament. There was an RC church not far from the campus and I'd often sit there for an hour.

I'd forgotten that I missed that, in the years since, until I discovered the monastery chapel. There's something very soothing about watching the light change as the sun moves, as reflected in the polished stone floor of that space. Perhaps I can revisit some of the lost peace, with help from a man who lives it. 

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