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By gzt (Wed Jul 25, 2012 at 12:17:02 PM EST) gzt, thighs, moving, glasses, eyes (all tags)
my eyes are fine, but i want to drain my FSA before I leave the company. So I'm getting my eyes checked. I might get contacts. I may also need new lenses, these have been in here for like 4 years, but I think I can see just fine.

I hope I have enough time to get the contacts before I'm gone. It's been a while since I've had contacts, but I remember that, because of my astigmatism and stuff, there's like a couple weeks of delay or a checkup later to make sure they still fit or something like that.

Might not do it, though. And the wifing unit can feel free to holler at me if she would rather refill her contacts or something using the FSA dollars. This is genius in its understated way. "If we don't study the mistakes of the future, we're doomed to repeat them for the first time."

I should call my new landlord to arrange stuff and things. Oh, shoot, I was going to call him just now, but I don't have the number in my phone. Tomorrow, I guess.

Having a "going away open house" on Sunday. I guess any of you could drop by if you want.

I was bored this morning so I measured my thigh. 26.5" - though I'm never quite sure where I'm supposed to be measuring. Still not back up to where I was, but, hey, I think my squat is maybe only 70-80 pounds off my best at the moment. Not that I care so much about the thigh size, but I like numbers.

Oh, how I hate to work.

Today is supposed to be very hot (~100F, ~40C). Tomorrow the high is supposed to be 82. I decided to move my gym day to tomorrow.

I like being human.

for those who missed it, I quit the jorb yesterday.

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