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By gzt (Mon Feb 27, 2012 at 01:39:07 PM EST) gzt, work, workful, bonus, monastery, numerical analysis (all tags)
Had a physical this morning, strong as bull, but they stole my blood to make sure my liver is still working.

i'm still a little behind on numerical analysis. i'm getting better at matlab programming. there's a midterm (take-home) on wednesday, but he might do an in-class portion, too. also, i'm stupid. every time i start typing "numerical" it begins "number..." and then i have to stop and go back.

i took a nap on sunday and it was glorious.

i need a nap right now.

had church last night. lent has begun.

i think i will go visit PSU. i'll stop and visit a monastery along the way.

work is workful: things might fall apart if we don't get this hire approved. but, again, i don't really care so much, as i'm disappearing.

so apparently it's been five years at the company. i'm getting a $50 bonus and my boss brought pastries. i'll try hard not to vocalize that my sentiment on the matter is, "damn, what a waste." here's to mediocrity. and a finally successful exit strategy.

okay, i allegedly have to do some work. the BS kind of stuff.

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