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 There's a writing contest this weekend, over at Shortly after 5pm Eastern time this afternoon, the prompt and required word count will be posted here. Read it carefully, write us a story, and don't tell me about it (I'm one of the judges). You get 48 hours. Tick, tick.

It's been a pretty good week.

It was chilly over the weekend (got down to 60 in the house), so I turned on the furnace. I monitored for smoke in the basement, and discovered that my glasses were filthy but the air was clear. It also occurred to me that I hadn't had the tech out to clean the burner this summer (it's included in the oil contract).

So Monday I called, expecting it to be like scheduling a dental appointment: half-past December or so. But no, after several apologies for keeping me waiting, the woman told me they had a cancellation for the next day (Tuesday this week).

Accordingly, I stayed home Tuesday morning. The same tech who's done it before came by, fixed the loud rumble, and told me he's retiring this winter. So I wished him good luck. There'll be somebody new next year.

What with being on my own, ride-wise, I decided to go over to the Monastery for Mass. They've just completed a major renovation and re-opened the chapel for public worship. I'd been intending to do this for years, but finally made it. On Tuesday evenings they have a service that attracts dozens of folks from the Harvard community and surrounds. It was delightful, and centering, and peaceful. I thought a lot about forgiving.

Wednesday was the first choir rehearsal. I like singing this music. There are a few changes in the way we do things this year; I hope they produce positive results.

That set the tone for the week. I'm still tinkering around the edges, but I've basically finished a project I've been working on at work for a year and more. So life is good.

Also this week was a visit to the area for work by one dicemistress, who's a Seattle #husi-person. Last night toxicfur and I took her out to dinner and shopping and touristing in Salem. It was delightful.

And now it's Friday night. The day of heavy rain they promised hasn't materialized (yet), so life seems good.

The Red Sox are fading fast. It must be September. One parody suggested that the Red Sox are the only team in history to be mathematically eliminated while in first place. I think I believe it.

Oh, and the major gathering at the church last Friday went fine. I don't know if I'll be participating in one of their small groups or not. But it's an option. Options are good.
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