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By gzt (Tue Aug 30, 2011 at 12:58:26 PM EST) gzt, chess, lunch, rybka, games, polish, new apartment (all tags)
in a new apartment. it's very nice. getting the hang of it. I'm in Avondale now, which is a decent neighborhood, but not great.

Parking is a little rough.

It's a Polish neighborhood right by a Hispanic neighborhood. There's a very good Polish restaurant a couple blocks away, Staropolska. My landlord is Polish.

Played games with people last night. Mostly Ticket to Ride. I scored well, but I really think I need to take more missions.

Stuff is getting organized at home.

I'll have to fiddle with the settings on the AC at the new apartment or something. I was warm last night and noticed, when I went into the hall, that it was cooler in the rest of the apartment than in the bedroom. It wasn't too bad, but maybe I should just have a fan running in the bedroom, too, to keep the air moving.

I started the second book of Song of Ice and Fire. I enjoy it a lot.

The last week has been a little stressful, though, what with all the logistical stuff going on. A lot of moving parts means there's bound to be some friction somewhere.

First day of class today. Data mining. I just ordered my book off amazon. I paid $3.99 to get it express delivered tomorrow.

Chess season starting soon. I won my section of the tournament. Apparently the prize is a copy of Rybka. Sweet. I like using scid and all, but Rybka software is better. I don't know whether it's on the Fritz base or the Aquarium base yet. I'll find out at lunch. I will still, of course, use scid as my database software. And I'll plug Houdini into Rybka.

Work is workful.

I suppose it's time for lunch and all that jazz.

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