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By purr (Mon Jul 04, 2011 at 10:09:03 PM EST) (all tags)
My dogs are hating it.  Such a rough life they live.

Boom Boom Bang

Most fireworks are illegal to shoot in North Carolina. Unfortunately for our law enforcement we are too close to the South Carolina border where fireworks are legal to sell and shoot off. 

I grew up in South Carolina. I remember watching my sisters and their friends have firecracker wars. I can tell you how many neighbors' yards that have been set to flame and fire. All the fires were put out quickly with little damage but amends had to be paid, like cutting the grass once a week for a month (July) for instance.  Fun stuff.

I usually watched the firecracker wars from inside the house (where it was safe). My sisters would each have a friend and side against each other. They would throw firecrackers or shoot bottle rockets at each other until all the ammo was gone.  Once my sister, E., dropped her lit-fuse bottle rocket on her stash of ammo. Her expression was comical and very looney tunes like.  Needless to say but I want to say it anyways, ALL HELL BROKE OUT.

She grabbed her partner in crime who was standing right beside her but on the other side of all the fireworks at their feet. She grabbed him and ran toward my other sister and dad, while all the time screaming at them to "RUN, RUN!" Firecrackers were popping simotamiously then  bottle rockets were shooting out in all directions from the ground up and straight out.  It really was an awesome sight. And then to top that a bottle rocket shot into the other stash of fireworks and it started all up again. My dad ran for the house that time. My sisters kept running down the street. And their friend jump in his car and hid. The best part about the whole thing, no neighbors' yards caught on fire. I laughed my ass off from the other other side of the window.

Good times.

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