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By gzt (Mon Jul 18, 2011 at 12:50:16 PM EST) gzt, tired, chess, sandwich, time zone, beer, wedding (all tags)
On Friday, we went to a dinner party thing, which was pretty good. Saturday, I don't know what I did on Saturday. I just hung out. The wife was baking bread with friends. On Sunday, I went to a chess tournament in the afternoon.

I did pretty well at the tournament. I drew against a candidate master, won a couple games, and lost a game against a rather strong player. This is a strong result and my rating will go up a bit. There was a different tournament in the city, but it would have taken all weekend. Nuts to that. But it was a "big money" class tournament, which is the sort of thing that may or may not be a great thing to go to. If you expect to win something, you have to be wary of sandbaggers or people who have improved beyond their previous rating. If you expect to get good games against stronger players, tough nuts, you're only against people in your class (or lower). They can work for that if you're at the bottom of your class or play up, but, if you're at the top of the ratings for your class, you have to pretty much win the thing to do anything other than lose rating points (not that rating points are all that important). A one-day quick tournament seems like a better idea to me for the money. The big drawback of the quick tournaments is that the rounds follow each other directly, so there isn't time to go over your games with your opponent. Anyway, one of the people at work went to that tournament and had a mediocre day.

I finished my last game very quickly, so I sent a text to my wife saying I'd be home soon. No response. I got home, sent her a note saying I was home. A bit later, puzzled, I sent her a text asking where she was. Still nothing. It was getting to be near her bedtime, so I tried calling a couple times and got nothing. Perplexing. Then she finally sent me a note saying she just got out of the Harry Potter movie - d'oh! I'd forgotten she was going to a movie because I was going to be at a chess tournament. True story. I had just been thinking about texting one of her friends saying, "Uh, do you know where my wife is?" Glad that got resolved.

Awesome wedding next weekend. They're getting sponsorship from Dogfish Head and Three Floyd's. The guy's in the restaurant business and is buddies with the marketing reps for both breweries. One was going to kick in some beer and the other was like, "F--- em, I'm giving you beer, too." Best. Wedding. Evar. The wifing unit will drive. They're having it right by where I used to live on the south side.

I am tired. Still. Not sure what's up with that.

I woke up in the middle of the night with a terrible churning in my guts. I seem to be over it by now, but things are still a little unsettled down there. I think I can blame the chicken salad I had for lunch yesterday.

I need to fix the way I interview.

I need to finish this project.

I may need some Pepto-Bismol.

Okay, we're having a meeting with somebody in a different time zone and the computer's processing of the scheduled invite notice things doesn't match the textual description written by the person, and there was just an update that didn't match the previous time, and we're all just a little bit off. I think at this point it would just be easier for that person to say, "I'm in New York, I feel like the meeting is starting at 1:30. Figure it out from there." Wait... she's not in a different time zone, she's in Texas. Uh... I'm just confused. I'm dialing in at 12:30, if the meeting is almost over (it's a 1.5hr meeting), well, that's what happens.

My sandwich seemed a little empty today at lunch. I disapprove.

I'm so tired.

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howza lifting ? by sasquatchan (2.00 / 0) #1 Mon Jul 18, 2011 at 01:14:13 PM EST
squats etc ?

spotty by gzt (2.00 / 0) #2 Mon Jul 18, 2011 at 01:55:46 PM EST
not making it in as often as I'd like.

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