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By misslake (Fri Jun 24, 2011 at 03:54:19 PM EST) (all tags)
my immediate supervisor went on maternity leave.
it's the busiest time of the year, and the hours are too long.
the office is chaos, and it's getting in my way.

i had a few beautiful moments anyway. i love this city.

the former skydome loomed over us, and the tower seemed to summon and pull the rainclouds over us.
we had a truck full of flowers and i called to enquire what the contingency plan was if we had to stop before we had finished planting the hotel's flowerbeds. i was informed that there wasn't one and that it all had to be done today, because they'd been promised it done by yesterday.
the rain came, drizzle at first, and we threw the flowers into the damp soil.
the rain began to fall more seriously, and we tiptoed about the beds, tracking the dyed red mulch everywhere and trying not to make a big mess. soon it was hopeless. we made a big mess.
i got up into the back of the truck and peeled off my rain suit. i shook the mulch off my boots, shook out my clothes, and tried to become clean and dry enough to slip into the hotel to use the staff washroom. i was soaked to the skin and filthy.
i was wet, cold, miserable and frustrated with the office. hadn't they checked the weather? why couldn't they call and make arrangements for us to return during better weather? it was going to take twice as long, and look like crap.
after chatting to the doormen, i slipped into the lobby. hermes the maintenance head was there, mopping the lobby floor to try and make it dry. he was one of my contacts at the hotel, he had the keys to everything and could lead us into and out of the maze of backrooms and open hidden panels to give us water access at any point around the grounds.
"girl! you are wet! she is wet!" he announced to the lobby.
he and most of the other staff spoke in an endearing new-immigrant dialect of english, where none of them spoke english with any sort of fluency, but it was the closest thing they had to a common language so they all spoke simply, with heavy accents, and very loudly.
i thought i was about to get scolded for tracking more water into his lobby.
instead he left me holding the mop while he left on some urgent mission into the back halls of the hotel. to the guests we were non-people and they didn't act like they noticed, but a chambermaid poked her head out of the corridor and winked at me.
when he reappeared, he held out a fluffy white hotel towel.
"girl is wet! need towel" he insisted.
i immediately sullied the white towel just by touching it.
"oh, hermes, i'm too dirty, i'm OK." i tried to reject the towel. it seemed too clean.
"take! take! dry!" hermes insisted.
it was the softest, driest, most wonderful towel i had ever held. it was warm and comforting.
the bellhop came over as i was gingerly dabbing at my face and hands, took the towel, unfurled it and wrapped me up in it.
"dry! dry!" he said.
"yes!" hermes was pleased. "you take, you need. it rag." he pointed out that one corner was ripped, and patted me on the shoulder and held the door for me.
it was such a nice towel. i clutched it tight like a security blanket, it soaked up all my frustration as it absorbed the water.
i felt brand new.
i tried to add it to a pile of laundry the chambermaid had, but she just laughed.
hermes arrived.
"no girl! no! you keep it! take! take!" he gestured me out the hotel door with the towel.
"it rain all day! you get wet again! need towel!"

i thanked him.
everything was going to be fine once i had that towel.

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Dryness by littlestar (4.00 / 1) #1 Fri Jun 24, 2011 at 07:38:42 PM EST
can be so heavenly. I can just imagine the pristine fluffiness of that towel and how much comfort it would bring. What a lovely thing to happen. 

Now there's a girl by Scrymarch (4.00 / 13) #2 Fri Jun 24, 2011 at 08:40:19 PM EST
Who really knows where her towel is.

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do i ever. by misslake (4.00 / 3) #3 Sat Jun 25, 2011 at 08:30:00 PM EST
it's great to really have a firm grasp on where your towel is. i can't recommend it enough.

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girl! by komet (4.00 / 3) #4 Sun Jun 26, 2011 at 02:45:05 PM EST
work sound busy! you need holiday! take! take!

come europe! come! need holiday! come!

<ni> komet: You are functionally illiterate as regards trashy erotica.

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