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By anonimouse (Fri Dec 23, 2011 at 06:44:43 AM EST) (all tags)
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Just after I got my new contract working in Manchester, I started suffering from what appeared to be a cold, and then started to suffer severe stomach pains. I dutifully trotted down to the doctor, who told me that since it didn't appear to be my appendix, I probably had Diverticulitus, for which he gave me some antibiotics, which unfortunately were of the 'you can't take any alcohol type'. Diverticulitus is supposed to be a function of poor diet, but in my defense I will say I get through a lot of brown bread and fruit so I suspect my lack of exercise in the last 6 months was more of a factor.

So I got through the first 7 day prescription, and worked intermittently from home. My condition got better at the end of the course, but a week later I started feeling unwell again, so the doctor gave me a 14 day course of antibiotics coupled with the threat of barium meals or colonoscopies if that didn't work out.  Either the antibiotics or the threat worked, but it did seem to take to nearly the end of the course till I felt better. However, during this my sodding cold didn't seem to get any better so I went again to the doctors, who got his stephoscope out and said there didn't seem to be anything out of the ordinary and to let him know if it didn't get better in another couple of weeks. I wonder if the antibiotics had any effect on preventing my immune system from suppressing the cold....?

One unfortunate consequence of this is that the number of days I worked was reduced, the progress on my project was slower than expected. Fortunately $company have been quite understanding, so I'm still there. But due to my brain fart, I didn't wade through the timesheet and invoice system and don't get paid till January. So its going to be a poverty stricken MouseMass, but January should be quite good, equal to about 4 months of last years salary due to a combination of improved rates and timesheet backlog, so I've promised the Minimice a round of laptops then in return for a little patience. I can't bring myself to buy an iPad2, mainly because I'm not a fan of the walled garden mentality of Apple, even though I admire the design of their products, so I'm also looking at one of those Asus Transformer Prime jobbies for Mrs Mouse, provided the Decepticons don't get it first....

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