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As they play it up in Nashville everyday
Let's give old Tennessee credit for music
As they play it in that old hillbilly way

I noticed that water pressure from the faucet was decent - it was bad earlier - but it was still bad from the shower head, so I deduced something was wrong with the showerhead. Since I saw what looked like hard water accretion things, I decided to soak the thing in a vinegar solution and brush at it with a toothbrush. I looked for the old toothbrushes and couldn't find any, so I asked Teh Wife where she hid them in her secret places that I will never find, and she told me she threw them out because there were like 500 of them. ARR. If there are 500 of something useful and you feel that is too many, throw out all but one. I keep these things for a reason. We have an ongoing battle about her "hiding things in secret places where they will never be found again", "touching my stuff", and "getting rid of things". When I took the shower head off, I noticed that the rubber ring thing was turned sideways, which probably has an adverse effect on water flow. I still soaked the head in vinegar because you can see mineral accretions. I'll let you know how this works out tomorrow, I'll go home tonight and put everything back together.

Some guy at the gym last night was benching 475# raw. That's a lot.

"The concept of ‘conflict diamonds’ - gems mined in order to finance military operations - bears no relation to the complex on-the-ground realities in Africa. And the international efforts to stem the trade in these stones have only made things worse. Like the war on drugs, the war on diamonds is ineffective, pointless and unenforceable, encouraging underhand dealings and putting local people in greater danger rather than protecting them."

And later: "In reality, the concept of blood diamonds is a giant hoax. All over Africa, tens of thousands of diggers and traders make an honest living finding and selling stones. They carry no guns and do not trade with warlords."

I just don't like diamonds. They are over-priced and over-hyped. They have no resale value. See the classic article, "Have you ever tried to sell a diamond?" Though, really, what's happened in the thirty years since that article was written, besides the whole "blood diamond" fiasco of the last decade? I'm sure other stuff has gone on in the trade, what with the revolutionary changes sweeping through southern Africa in that time.

Ploughing through Silmarillion. Skimmed over the rather dull bit about the various breeds of elf and made a trivia question on facebook about the irritating details. Somebody answered rather quickly, and I was like, "Good job, the other acceptable answer is 'Oh fuck, not another elf,'" and he was like, "Eh, I'm just good at searching the Internet." ... Dude. If somebody asks a trivia question on the Internet, the answer is probably two seconds of googling away. The point is whether you're able to get it without google. Bonus points for not looking it up in the book, since it's not trivial to find in there unless you know where it is, in which case, well, you would pretty much know the answer already if you know that. Incidentally, the question is which of the Umanyar is not reckoned among the Moriquendi.

Anyway, Silmarillion is somewhat enjoyable, as I'm using wikipedia and such to help me plough through the dense, boring bits (like the above nonsense about the Moriquendi). The more active bits stand on their own. The wikipedia is helpful to provide context to the streams of foreign names coming through, especially since, once he mentions something once, he will never explain it again, and most of the details are important.

I'm going to eat a pizza, I think, or something.

$BOSS is in town. Busy with stuff that I don't do anything with, so I won't really meet with her at all.

UPDATE: I ate a pizza.

A good article about why some fiction sucks: Imagination, mostly. Boring (the fiction, not the article).

Oh, frig: supposed to be at this internal "showcase" tomorrow, supposed to wear black pants, white shirt. Do I even have black pants? I think I have dark grey and dark blue.,17508/ AH, facebook privacy settings.

I'd better finish this off and submit it.

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"Adrenaline dumbs pain" - xth
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