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By gzt (Tue Mar 09, 2010 at 05:32:29 PM EST) gzt, taxes, fish oil, krill, gay bar (all tags)
Maybe... a cake?

I still have "Intergalactic" stuck in my head. It's driving Teh Wife insane. And I have a Cat Power-esque version of Electric 6's "Gay Bar" that I mentally created. I suppose I could have Teh Wife sing it, but we'd need somebody to play the tediously slow guitar on it.

I'm running low on fish oil and I'm considering whether I should give krill oil or DHA from algae a try. Lower on the food chain = less chance of mercury and more sustainable.

Markov chain analysis of baseball: why isn't this used more? I suppose it is unwieldy in some aspects, but, in others, it can be very powerful.

Okay: we need to do taxes. Grumble grumble. Schedule C and Schedule SE. Hmm. Mostly straightforward, it looks like. Drat, looks like student loan interest doesn't add (ie $2500 max even if married)?

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