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By riceowlguy (Sun Mar 07, 2010 at 02:30:11 PM EST) (all tags)
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I did not think that putting together this new bed would be so much work.  I particularly did not think that I would have to assemble the box springs myself, or that they would come in a bazillion pieces.

I messed up choosing stuff for the office, in the sense that I miscalculated whether I could fit the bookcases I wanted into the corner I wanted them to go into.  This has led me to rethink the orientation of the desk, which is fine, except that it means I just had the wrong desk part delivered and I get to figure out how to get it back to IKEA and switch it out for the other one (right-hand vs. left-hand corner orientation).

I'm more Voldemort than Harry Potter; I prefer to be able to do things on my own.  I actually like doing things with other people more, I just hate depending on other people.  So having to ask my co-worker who has a truck to help me out with this is going to be a little bit annoying, although he's constantly offering to help me with stuff anyway.

I had a wonderful evening last night, making dinner for a friend of mine who is out of town now but was back in Houston for grad school auditions.  She actually was eager to help me carry my new bookcases up to the third floor and put them together, so I took advantage of that.   Hopefully making dinner for her was a good trade.  She is an amazing person; bright, funny, caring without being condescending, extremely talented and yet so self-deprecating about it, and quite pretty.

I've got a sweet setup in my garage now where I've gotten some oversized soft foam balls designed for teaching beginners tennis, which lets me use the back wall of the garage as a backboard, and I also used electrical tape to mark a one-foot-square target up on the wall, so I can go down there and practice for short bursts during the day on a weekend if I park the car on the street.  I have been listening to the Essential Tennis podcast a lot lately and it is a great resource of instruction.  I really want to find a league to start playing in, to get more regular competition.  I've been holding back on that for a while given how overweight I am, figuring people won't take me seriously, but I've been consistently beating my ex-coworker for a couple months now since I practice way more than he does, so I'm sure there's some level of competition at which I would be effective.

I had assumed that I was going to get the bed done today, but that actually might not happen...I've done enough bending over and stooping just getting the frame done, and the idea of trying to get two box springs that consist of a billion parts put together is not making me happy.  I got it all delivered without having to take a day off from work; that's the important thing.

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