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By gzt (Mon Mar 22, 2010 at 10:06:59 AM EST) gzt, agi, interest, star trek, admiral ackbar, barney stinson (all tags)
This makes me happy: TRAP! I've been Admiral Ackbaring for the last 24 hours or so.

In the free newspaper they hand out in this city today, there was a 64 person television character bracket competition thingy. I watched a couple on the train fill it out and at one point (I think Final Four) they got to Barney Stinson vs. Don Draper. They made the wrong choice.

They chose Draper over Stinson. WTF?! No. No. No. Stinson every time. They also chose Draper over Schrute at an earlier juncture. Seriously, guys, this is unacceptable. Comment below, please.

I've been drained this past week. I've had a cold, it's not too bad in terms of symptoms, but it keeps me consistently at like 75% of normal capacity. It also took my voice for a couple days. I'm annoyed. I skipped out on training yesterday because of it. I'll go today instead. I'll go light.

We watched the Star Trek episode "The Balance of Terror" last night. It was awesome. What else is awesome: my wife.

Student loan interest! Wooo I didn't realize until this year that it reduces your AGI directly rather than being considered as one of your itemized deductions! This is hot shit. Saves me some money.

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