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Weetacon 2010, beer making, life in general

Weetacon 2010 was last weekend. (Missed you and Nick, lilflighttest, but we understand why!) and it was a rousing success.  We had the sleigh ride on Friday night at the Rock K Ranch, followed by dinner prepared by my mother.  Booyah, brats, pineapple fluff, brownies and all manner of things that are not really good for you.  Sleigh ride was followed by karaoke at the St. Brendan's Inn (which I personally skipped).  We had nearly fifty people this year.  The raffle we did at the Rock K Ranch raised over $2000.00 for Paul's Pantry, our local food bank.

Saturday was free time during the day and people playing Rock Band on the Wii in the Waterford Room at St. Brendan's Inn and then dinner at the Titletown Brewing Company.  After dinner we went to the Bad Bar (The Sardine Can) and got hammered and closed the place down (many of the pictures on the main page are from Weetacon).  Then pancakes at the local thousand year old greasy spoon, the Blackstone.

Sunday closed things down with closing ceremonies and awards given on the deck at St. Brendan's Inn and later that night a smaller gathering at my house.  Long weekend but fun and a benefit for the local charity as well.  Everybody seemed to have a good time.

Beer Making

Going to brew a clone of Fantome Saison this weekend.  Haven't been brewing much, we got 15 gallons of raw wort from Titletown about two months ago and that means we have a shit-ton of beer on hand.  We are also going to spec out a baby all-grain rig this weekend.  Time to move on from extract brewing.  Gotta get our keggles cut and ported.  Woo, 10 gallon batch, here we come!  Not that we need to make 10 gallons that often.


Its been pretty good.  We got new living room furniture.  About five months ago we bought two big La-Z-Boy leather rocker-recliners.  Nice chairs.  The one I always thought rocked a bit different than the other.  Turns out I was right, it broke the bottom support on the right side.  Our furniture dealer came out and fixed it.  Then the left side broke.  They fixed that.  Then the left side broke again, shearing off the big screws they put into it to fix it.  In the mean time, the other one was fine. We both sat in the other one a lot, especially considering the first one was broken.  So the furniture dealer told us: "Hey, we will just get you a new one." Sounded good to us.  But guess what, La-Z-Boy discontinued those chairs.  So we couldn't get a matching one. 

La-Z-boy and the dealer agreed to take back both chairs and give us full credit.  We used it to buy a couch, love seat and a regular chair with an ottoman, all matching for only $89.00 more and free delivery.  The dealer hauled back the old chairs, in theory to send them back to La-Z-Boy.  In the mean time, by wife sold our old couch and chaise lounge on Craigs list so we went a week without any living room furniture.  Pain in the ass, but all the new stuff is in and looking sweet. Reasonably happy with the service I received despite the troubles.

Work continues to suck major balls.  I keep dreaming of opening a fucking coffee shop/used book store.  I don't know why, that would suck too, being a small business owner is hella work.  I am just sick to death of technology and marketing.  But it pays well at least.  Ah, well.
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Comments are closed. by georgeha (4.00 / 1) #1 Thu Mar 11, 2010 at 12:31:12 PM EST
Bastard! I was going to add my tuppence.

I was sad by LilFlightTest (4.00 / 1) #2 Thu Mar 11, 2010 at 07:24:11 PM EST
but I'm definitely not winning the Twister trophy this year...
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That's my retirement plan by LinDze (4.00 / 1) #3 Thu Mar 11, 2010 at 09:32:58 PM EST
Cash out and open a little ma and pa business that doesn't make any money. Bikes, Books, Beers, and Outfitting are the top of the list right now.

-Lin Dze
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