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By gzt (Wed Nov 17, 2010 at 05:25:47 PM EST) gzt, boats, futurama, simpsons, gym (all tags)
This manifesto is quite correct: Dead Homer Society Manifesto

Basically, The Simpsons declined in seasons 8-11 and died after that. It is now Zombie Simpsons. Fortunately, I had stopped watching by then. I occasionally tuned in through season 12, but no more. I have seen a few episodes, but I wholly agree that it sucks now. But, yes, I am surprised that my time of watching the show regularly exactly coincided with its best years. I stopped watching mostly because I did not have the time or ability to watch anymore, not because I thought it was sucking.

However, this makes me more annoyed that the episode of Futurama with Fry's dog lost the Emmy to The Simpsons.

Got my test back. Did okay, not as good as last time's 101. Still, I should be able to cakewalk into the finals of my next tests.

And, of course, one of the places I got my stupid "Tell me more" shtick:

What else...

A friend of teh wife's was over last night to cut her hair and they were talking about weddinating stuff because she's getting weddinated, and this got me thinking about what sort of nonsense people need to know. Like, nobody remembers or cares about half the crap you are worrying about.

Ooh: How Zombie Simpsons dilutes the success of early Simpsons.

Still reading boat books. Enjoying them immensely. More fun than homework or studying. But I do those, too.

I just read the description for the gym they're planning on opening at work sometime next month. I noticed: POWER RACK. This means it is actually possible I may be able to train there, at least a little bit. They probably wouldn't allow pulling from the floor (which is, like, at least 1/3 of what I do, if not more (more when doing weightlifting than when doing powerlifting)). And have cheap barbells. But this might make squat and bench press days here feasible and save me some commuting time, possibly enough to make the $20/month worthwhile in addition to what I pay for my real gym. But, I don't know. We'll have to think about this. And check whether they have what I need. Another possibility is that, while I wouldn't normally go there, on rare occasions when I'm pressed for time, I wouldn't be averse to paying the $5 day rate and training there once if they do have the equipment I need.

Back is annoyed from excessive sitting. Class won't make it better.

I will remember to print off my handouts for class this week.

I was looking at local sailing resources because I was mildly curious. I don't really want to get into sailing, I don't have the time and money (really, the time), but reading all these boat books piqued my interest. Apparently there's a nice sailing club you can get into that's only $200/yr, $200 for classes, they're at the harbor that isn't too far from here, and there are ways to get a lot of free sailing time. I have a friend who was in the Sea Scouts. That seems like the time and place to learn to sail. They have Sea Scouts here, too. Anyway. If I were to take up another time-consuming hobby, I'd take up chess again. At least I have years of experience with it. Right now powerlifting/strongman/weightlifting is enough on top of my responsibilities.

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Howdy sailor! by georgeha (2.00 / 0) #1 Wed Nov 17, 2010 at 06:23:05 PM EST
Working with white geeks between Lake Ontario and the Finger Lakes, I know lots of guys into sailing. I see the attraction, I even spent an afternoon sailing on a 28 footer. I figured I wanted a bike or boat, and I've got pavement right outside my door.

Anyhow, some people I worked with that were too poor for a boat ended up volunteering to crew on other boats, for races or some such thing.

Plus you know, you can't tow a sailboat behind the El.

racing crews by lm (2.00 / 0) #2 Wed Nov 17, 2010 at 09:31:32 PM EST
One of my cow-orkers does this. It's pretty much no cost (monetarily speaking) to him. But it does require a time commitment. The captain (that is to say, the boat owner) expects people to show up for the length of the racing season. IIRC, the racing season cost him one night per weak for the duration.

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that's essentially the way to do it here by gzt (2.00 / 0) #3 Wed Nov 17, 2010 at 10:55:29 PM EST
that's what that boat club I mentioned does.

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