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  • Mars (Austin, TX, US).
  • Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives (Thailand and half the UN's countries).

- Mars (Austin, TX, US).

Mars is a little film (as in only costing half a million dollars) that uses cliched Sci-Fi (the archetypical voyage to the Red Planet) to tell a straight love story with the mental complexities demanded by a teenage audience.

Suffice to say that the culminating moment in which love is declared openly urine has a main role to play. Yikes.

The interesting thing about the film is the technique used and the look, which is quite close to the feel of the impressive "A Scanner Darkly" but the effect here is achieved in a shoestring.

Kinky Friedman, an artist of renown in Texas, steals the show with his portrayal of the US President as a chain smoking Cowboy. Best portrayal of a US Prez since the one in " Independence Day" (OK, that was not that good, but this one is).

Another review (with stills and some video)

The official site (no mention of London Film Festival!):

@@@ mostly for technical merit and a few very good jokes.

- Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives (Thailand and half the UN's countries).

This film won the coveted Palm D'Or in Cannes, so I attended with great expectations.

The plot (if you could call it that) includes all kind of ghosts and fantastic beings (furry monkeys that have been human) that revolve around the memories of Boonmee, a middle aged man that is very sick of his kidneys.

Sadly I struggled to remain awake, fortunately I awoke in the pivotal points of the film: when Boonmee's long gone son reappears as a furry monkey (really), his wife comes back as a ghost (to gently guide him to the afterlife), and then at some later point, I kid you not, a cat fish gets chatty and later on plain horny with a Thai Princess that is now a middle aged woman.

At the end Boonmee goes to die to a cave, for reasons I didn't follow because I was bored to death, and finally we assist to his funeral, where his political family suffers a doubling of some kind and watch themselves staying in the room watching TV while they leave for, what else, the karaoke parlour.

In all honesty I thought it was only me, but I found other people that attended in which the reviewer reports that 3 people around him were asleep as well. Perhaps the jury in Cannes also took a nap.

I am sure that people in the right  state of mind could enjoy this a lot, during the Q&A session with the director the usual newagey types came with all kind of nonsense about how much superior the Buddhist-Eastern  ways are, to the credit of the director he went to great pains to explain that he wasn't thinking about Eastern mysticism, and not specially as a superior form of such, and as a mater of fact his main film inspirations are US movies, and a great part of his aesthetics is trying to repeat effects of old US movies.

I could hear the sighs of dissapointment from the people looking for an spiritual guru.

Sorry, but it is only @@ for me (a round of critics worldwide gave it 2.4/4, so it seems I am not the only one unimpressed)  I think the director is trying to be far too clever, or perhaps it is that I am getting too old to countenance mysticism themes.

If you google for it you will find plenty of information.

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