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By ana (Sun Oct 10, 2010 at 09:48:24 PM EST) fun-loving cowwqas. (all tags)
It only comes around once in my life, so why not write a diary?

I'm a little tipsy, so that's why there are typos and stuff.

baseball is kind of depressing. I'm not sure who to root for, except i hate the hankies (yankies; minus a typo). No-hitter in post-season is pretty amazing, though. And lots and lots of errors. bummer.

Speaking of, why build a new baseball statium with the sun angles such thatyou really can't see what's going on in the late afternoons? Surely somebody thought about that...

This looks really cool (tip of the atribution hat to Kellnerin):

It's Sunday. Even though there's a long weekend, today is not on e o fmy better days. Dammit, i insist on continuous improvement. So far, anyway, every week is better than the one before, if not the actual days in the weeks. I guess i'm still a little bit fragile.

Major accomplishment at the workplace... Every year we put tgether a book-sized object that's included by reference in the call for proposals. This year there were, i think, five significant changes, and everybody got theirs in by Friday which was when They decided the really needed them. just in time for the long weekend.

i have a cat, as you probably knw. or he has me. not sure which. Turns out he loves ice cream; i mean, he never really showed any signs of beng a dairykitty before, tha i noticed. Now, he sits in my lap while i eat ice cream, observing every bite, and calculating whether or ht he can succesffully get some. When i put the bowl on the floor when I'm done with it, he's there in half a second.

Until today. Ran out of the home made peach ice cream and therw on't be any more home made ice cream until i get more equipment, if i ven want to. so i walked to the corner store to get more ice cream, and ended up with coffee-flavoried ice cream. Calcifer hates itso much that he's on te other side of the room on the couch instead of in my lap.

The dogs are staying down the street with the woman who walked them for us, until the end of the summer. I haven't seen them at all, but then I haven't really been outdoors much. I appreciate not being assumed to be available for dog care. In emergiencies, sure. For stuff like this, nos to muh. hehe not so much.

Tonight i steamed a chorizo sausage i found in the freezer and ate it with mustard and green beans and a salad. it was pretty good, though i should learn not to buy quite such dark grainy chewy bread for stuff like this.

This article includes the untranslatable Czech word litost which Milan Kundra defines as an emotion of torment caused by suddenly realizing your own misery. Yeah. That.

I still don't feel like doing much.

That said, this aft i dug out several decommissioned stereos and found one that actually works, which I installed in the dining room. That way i can listen to npr in the mornings without having to crank the volume on the living room system. Could listen on the puter, but it's time-delayed and i end up a few minutes late getting into the shower.

this national league game resembles baseball in some importnt ways, but wow is it the different strategy wise.

i love the one commercial, though. russian dude in broken english is all "opulence. i has it. ... but i also like savings the money. so when $company offers %deal, i jump in it." And there's a cute litte miniature giraffe that kisses him in the end. i want a house-giraffe. with my luck it would bite me or spit or something. Ah here:

And no, in my present state i'm really not gonna try to make links actualy wok or whatever.

happy indigenous peoples genocide day...

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House giraffe by Scrymarch (2.00 / 0) #1 Mon Oct 11, 2010 at 01:06:16 AM EST
Definitely, but it would still have to be shorter than the kitchen bench. And I'm guessing house training those buggers would be harder than a miniature cow.

Iambic Web Certified

HAY GUYZ, what's going on in here? by ammoniacal (3.00 / 2) #2 Mon Oct 11, 2010 at 03:10:30 AM EST

"To this day that was the most bullshit caesar salad I have every experienced..." - triggerfinger

There is a monument to Colon (Columbus).... by Tonatiuh (4.00 / 1) #3 Mon Oct 11, 2010 at 05:55:16 PM EST
... in downtown Mexico City.

12 of October it has to be protected by police otherwise it is vandalized by protesters demonstrating in favour of Native people.

The odd Mexico City major will forget to send the police in occasions, curiously enough if he is more left leaning than others Mexico City has been governed by a left of centre party for 13 years now (our centre, not yours, which is so far right in our political scale that it can be measured).

Poor Columbus has to be thoroughly cleaned on those times.

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