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By squigs (Fri Jan 22, 2010 at 09:03:59 AM EST) (all tags)
I am now a fully fledged contractor, having actually completed (more or less) a contract.

Since this involves a 2 hour commute and I'm getting considerably less exercise, I've probably put on weight.  Especially with the quality of the canteen. 

I am so pleased to finally be out of the games industry.  I got screwed over once too often for that.  And it looks like I'll never work there again.  I did have an agent discuss games industry contract jobs.  Apparently the daily rate I quoted (10th percentile from bottom for C++ programmers) is something I'll never get from a games company.  Been working on a touch screen system for a tradeshow.  For once, my OpenGL experience was actually used for something!

Except 4 months ago, my weekly routine involved dancing at least once a week, walking to work and back (probably a couple of miles) and trapeze class once a week.  Now it involes a 10 minute walk to the station, sit on a train, sit at work, go to the canteen for a cheap and well cooked meal, sit on train, 10 minute walk back home, collapse in front of telly, sleep.

ION, a friend of mine is looking for experienced C# programmers (Permie, I presume) in Essex.
"ONE: We are expanding! This means we need .NET coders!
The primary languages used here are C# and SQL. We produce both windows desktop applications and MVC / ASP based web applications. We need experienced programmers - because we have too much work in the short term, we can't afford to train someone from square 1.

Now, I have talked to most of you compsci guys over the last few months to see what you're up to - and as far as I know, you're not looking for jobs... So this is a call out to the 2nd degree of separation. Do you know anyone who is a good C# coder who would be interested in working in Southend for a small, successful and friendly software company.

TWO: We will be turning jobs down! We get people asking us to do all sorts of work, from massive information /client /finance management systems for investment banks, to "make my website prettier" (or "make my website in welsh"! - no kidding) jobs.

Any of you working in software companies (or self employed) that might be able to take work on, please comment and describe your companies - size, type of work done, etc - URLs of homepages would be good. We believe that if we turn someone away but send them to a competant alternative vendor, then they'll still remember us with a positive experience, and that can only be good."

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they need a usian ? by sasquatchan (2.00 / 0) #1 Fri Jan 22, 2010 at 09:44:09 AM EST

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