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By gzt (Mon Aug 24, 2009 at 04:33:53 PM EST) gzt, squat, elbow, marriage, gossip (all tags)
Or: What would Nicu Vlad do?

And hope you all did, too. I was, alas, unable to be at Hog Stock, except in the sense that rmg was at CBB's HusiStock, except in the sense that nobody wrote a fictionalized narrative with me sneaking in. However, I did have a long dinner with some good friends who had chocolate from Hotel Chocolat in London. And the sausages we ate probably had pork in them, so that counts.

So I was paging through the book we're working through in our pre-marital counseling and it looks like quite a bit of work. In the good way. But I'm not looking forward to some of the stuff, if only because it seems slightly cheesy to discuss with, um, somebody else present. Other stuff, however, will be quite good to go over. No details for you! We've already talked about quite a few of these things. Also awkward: it's religious pre-marital counseling, but there is a financial section. Obviously, it's important to discuss finances before we're married and any pre-marital counseling program would be foolish not to address it, and I'm fully willing to discuss the theory of religious obligations in the context of our finances, but do we really have to go over the actual budget stuff with a third person in the room? I mean, the wife should know how much I make and vice versa. It's not relevant to anybody else. Plus, the discussion in the book is rather primitive when it comes to actual budget stuff. It's cheesy practical advice directed to people with developmental disorders, apparently, rather than people who have ever had to live on $800/month.

What would Nicu Vlad do? He'd snatch twice his bodyweight, that's what.

One thing I don't like about dinner with these friends is that it sometimes degenerates to gossip. I was fairly discreet because I appreciate the discretion of others. Though it makes me wonder what they talk about when I'm not around. And how inaccurate it almost certainly is. Because of the discretion of others.

The only question about the upcoming bachelor party: WILL THERE BE FEATS OF STRENGTH?! I would just bet that Nicu Vlad would have feats of strength...

Elbow still protesting. Still feels like radial collateral ligament. Still front squatting to accomodate. Definitely doing triples instead of fives for that. I think I noticed some changes to my legs already from the switch, but I could just be delusional. Or, well, I haven't been eating spectacularly, so I've lost a couple pounds or so, and any "changes" might just be fat loss. Either way, I don't actually care - I care about getting a better snatch.

Speaking of discretion, I just got a document to be discreet about. It's been deleted. I saw nothing.

I should get a haircut. I should make a few phone calls. I should get these car repairs taken care of. Etc. Etc.

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money, sex (or lack of), in-laws by sasquatchan (2.00 / 0) #1 Tue Aug 25, 2009 at 08:56:06 AM EST
top 3 major arguments/issues couples face.

Hell, just read the plonker diaries here and you could pick that out. Though I don't recall too many in-law complaints, more so the other two.. So hope the rev/father/priest/preacher makes you actually talk about it..

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