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By gzt (Fri Aug 21, 2009 at 04:32:19 PM EST) gzt, marriage, community, beach, front squat, cramps (all tags)
This community is not moribund. I've killed off enough and watched the demise of enough others in my relatively few years on the internets. This one is doing quite fine.

I found out why people typically do 3's instead of 5's on the front squat - especially if they're bouncing out of the bottom like a clean recovery. I also found that the bench might irritate my elbow. I'm not sure, I had to strip weight off and then do a clean when I dropped one of my front squats, so I could not tell which my elbow was protesting against. I thought about doing a set of glute-ham-raises at the end of the day just to see what it was like, but my feet, calves, and hamstrings cramped up in unison when I completed my first one. I decided to call it a day. Maybe I'll try when I'm more fresh. I have to do something for the ol' posterior chain until I can back squat and clean again, and deadlift variations can only take you so far before your back gets overworked.

There's a music festival or something up in Rogers Park this evening. It's by the beach where I asked R to marry me - we might go for a walk along it afterwards? It looks like it may rain, so we will have to figure out a backup plan for everything. I think I'll bring flowers. It'll be a surprise. I've told her about HuSi, but I don't think she'll read this before I get her flowers. If I don't, though, and she reads it in the future...

I am lamenting the lack of a casual Friday. We had a meeting with the new SVP of Nonsense and Junk to explain all the awesome crap we can do for the new Nonsense and Junk Department. It was on the Executive Floor, so we had to dress nice. I wore my David Tennant Doctor Who suit. The chest is maybe an inch small for me, but you can't tell if it's not buttoned up. I look smashing, though slightly disheveled.

I occasionally spend time on this "Christian web forum". Who the hell knows why? In their dating section, somebody started a thread called, "What's the point of breaking up? If you were married to them, you wouldn't." I roundly mocked the fellow: isn't that kind of the point of dating? That you're not married yet? That it can end? And you should therefore take the appropriate precautions? Anyway. It's always interesting to see what question somebody isn't asking.

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