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By gzt (Mon Jul 13, 2009 at 12:56:15 PM EST) gzt, waistcoat, awesome (all tags)
I think my form is drifting on my squats, so I have to make sure things are spot on or else I will get injured and die. Knees pushed out, back in extension, don't let the knees slide forward at the bottom. I think, in that order of priority, that's what I need to reinforce.

I also have to fix my give-a-shit at work.

I'm getting sloppy.

I need to get things organized and get things done. Boom. That's all. I need to do what's right. I'm working on it all. Just do the next right thing, you'll be at the end of the list in no time. What a list!

Need to get conversin' about stuff.

Oh good grief: I need to find a best man and groomsmen.

I was out on the street on Sunday afternoon and saw a man wearing a black peak lapel jacket and striped trousers. I nearly stopped him on the street for being awesome, though he wasn't wearing a waistcoat.

Oh, la dee da. We need to talk.

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