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By gzt (Thu Jun 04, 2009 at 12:39:59 PM EST) gzt, friends, enemies, viktory, settlers of catan (all tags)
So last night I dropped by my old dormitory from uni because this was its last year of service. I got caught up with the old resident heads and such in my house and ran into some friends of mine. At 11 some folks said, hey man, wanna play Settlers of Catan here in the lounge? And I said, dude, I'm down for it.

It lasted until 1:30 and the girl who was playing for the first time won. Bravo. Interestingly, the set was borrowed from this guy I had seen around the gym, a mighty fellow I had seen deadlifting at least 450# who apparently had not yet gotten a chance to actually play Settlers since he had picked up the set. I was a bit annoyed at the pace of the game because a game of Settlers should not last more than an hour, much less over 2. I also don't like very much the idea of randomizing the deal of the numbers, preferring the A-Z setup method. We ended up with the two 6s next to each other and a generally harsh setup. All of the wood was on low-frequency numbers, so I eschewed it. In the end, I had 9 victory points (4 cities and a victory point), but I was hemmed in enough and outmanned enough that the only way I could get the last point was pulling another victory point card. Which is feasible, but who knows when it will happen? Answer: after somebody else wins.

A friend of mine, an older fellow, congratulated me on my engagement but said he was disappointed in me as a man. I said I thought I did pretty well for myself. He said, hell yes, a lot better than we imagined. I said not to worry, I'm only in it for the money. I'm fairly sure it was entirely jocular and the first comment was a joke about leaving the bachelor state in the prime of my youth. What else could it be?

I find, these days, that red wine seems to give me problems at night. I don't get heartburn, it skips straight to the throat. Some spicy food does this, too. This is quite unfortunate, because I am very fond of red wine and spicy food.

I don't own a copy of Settlers yet, actually. I do have Mare Nostrum, and I think those old buddies from uni might enjoy coming over to meet the affianced and play Mare Nostrum and Settlers.

Plans to reduce the amount of money it takes to live:
*Pack own lunch, only eat out for lunch once per week.
*Cheap and simple foods on sale.
*Very little alcohol. Preferred beverage away from home is water.
*Very little travel.
*Fun night out = playing board games with friends, picnicking in the park, making a nice dinner, things like that.
*No books besides what's necessary.

That's about $200/month in savings easily. If you get flour, milk, cheese, and eggs on a good sale, you can eat like a medieval king for less than $25/week even if you go out for a sandwich for lunch one day. It turns out to be a better rate per person if you don't eat like a king and cook for multiple people, but neither is true of me.

We have $INTERDEPARTMENTAL Olympics today. I get the afternoon off to play tug-of-war, softball, and kickball, then I get to go home at 3:30. Sounds like a deal. Maybe I'll get to drag $CHIEF_SOMETHING_OR_OTHER_OFFICER through the mud.

I really should have a copy of Settlers of Catan. It's the sort of game everybody really likes. Maybe I should get a copy. I could justify it: it's cheaper than a night out and has more long-run utility, plus may aid in cost-control measures. Spend $35 now, save $100 in the next few months, be happy forever. I'll have to present a business case to myself. That's what I have to do for pretty much every expenditure I have not already budgeted for. Oh, great, I decided it is a good idea, but now I have to think: is it worthwhile to get the 5-6 player extension?

I'm kind of surprised that there aren't more sites dedicated to discussing Settlers of Catan strategy.

But, yes: we will have a gaming night. There will be Settlers. There may be Mare Nostrum. There may be Viktory II. Hmm. We have to think of venues. My place is a little small for two different full gaming tables to be running, which seems to be implied by the guestlist. Unless I have people over on a bunch of nights.

I have a wedding to be at tomorrow at 4:30. Then I have an alumni event. I might sing in the choir at the wedding so I will seem to have a purpose in being there. I don't really know the couple that well, but I'm the sacristan and, on principle, I try to make it to weddings, baptisms, and funerals. Well, the principle is really to always make it to the funeral of anybody you know if at all possible (just make it happen). But I do try to make it in to the church for these things. It's important and one doesn't need an invitation.

Speaking of weddings. We had thought about having the reception at some non-traditional space, like theatres and such, in the hopes of customization, price-savings, etc, but after pricing out some options, I'm considering typical banquet places. Y'know, if a place is not set up for catering a meal, things get hairy. Oh dear, I just realized: if I keep getting back in touch with school friends, I'll have to invite them to the wedding. Anyway, the real killer is alcohol. And having 278 close friends and enemies. And needing formal morning attire while the pound/dollar exchange rate is so terrible: you just can't get this stuff done right in America, but at $1.62 it just doesn't work to exchange for pounds and buy in London.

Maybe I'll just have a couple people by on Sunday. Make some spaghetti, some pina coladas, play some Settlers. Or Mare Nostrum.

Crikey, I have so many social things to do. I have to go home sometime and introduce certain people to the grandparents, I have a bunch of people in the suburbs to meet, I have like 5 different in-the-air social engagement ideas with old school friends, 4 with other friends, etc. Fortunately, many of these ideas may involve sitting around playing games or watching Doctor Who, the only difference is the cast of characters. Low cost.

All right. Now that I have Settlers of Catan ordered, I don't really have any games left that I thought, "Man, it would be nice to have this game," about. I have a nice portfolio. I'm done for now.

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Whoa, maybe you need to slow down by georgeha (4.00 / 1) #1 Thu Jun 04, 2009 at 01:02:24 PM EST
Boardgaming until 1:30 on a work night? Dude, you're not in college anymore, stop acting like it. What does your boss think, rolling in bleary eyed and smelling of German boardgames.

I was too late to stop your mistake, the travel edition of Cataan appears to have a fixed setup, and is cheaper. Ecumenically, there's also something called Settlers of Canaan.

And, of course, the boardgamegeek link.

Fortunately, the boss is in Texas by gzt (2.00 / 0) #3 Fri Jun 05, 2009 at 12:24:29 PM EST
My coworkers, however, complained of the boardgame stench.

The travel edition isn't really an adequate substitute for general-purpose gaming. A fixed desert and no ability to expand means it has limited use. It's a good travel edition, nothing more.

Some friends of mine thought about getting Settlers of Canaan just for kicks, but nothing came of it.

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I have to check, by garlic (2.00 / 0) #2 Thu Jun 04, 2009 at 05:04:23 PM EST
but I may have access a used settlers of catan that could use a better home.

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