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Hey all. I've been busy lately organizing a show to end all shows, the very last show on earth, the final ever show to mark the end of the world.

Which is exhausting.

Details inside, including the fact that our own Motty/Fit and the conniptions will be playing. WoO!

Full details at

The European Church Of The Subgenius Presents:
Euro-X-Day2009 End Of The World Show Spectacular!

UFOs from another planet are coming to destroy the world at 7am, on July the 5th. There is only one way to be saved: come celebrate with us all night long. We will have comedy, Preaching, Bands, DJs, and will end the show with THE COMPLETE DESTRUCTION OF THE WORLD.

    * 10pm - DJ Alchemist
    * 00am - Frodo Freud - LIVE
    * 01am - Fit And The Conniptions - LIVE (Woo! That's Motty)
    * 02am - Milli Moonstone - LIVE
    * 03am - Vrillion - LIVE
    * 04am - DJ Tequila
    * 06am - Precession To The Riverside Landing Site
    * 07am - THE END OF THE WORLD - DEAD

Plus! Preaching from Pope Black, Rev. Priest (Woo! That's me), Pope Mickey Finn, The Andi Chirst, and Visuals from Stickman

Doors Open July 4th, 10pm

The Rhythm Factory, 16-18 Whitechapel Rd, E1 1EW.

There's punch and pie*

* - Not really

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