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By gzt (Fri Mar 06, 2009 at 12:16:48 PM EST) gzt, stop all this nonsense (all tags)
Maybe I should read Tristram Shandy. I started once, but the typeface in my copy wasn't great. It would go well alongside Boswell and Johnson.

My sheriff has been in the (international) news twice in the past few months, once for refusing to evict foreclosures and now for taking on craigslist's erotic services area. Mildly interesting fellow. I think I voted for him if you vote for sheriffs in this state and he was up for election.

Unemployment: 8.1%. It'll be a while before we get good quits rates from the BLS, but the provisional ones (which only go to December) drop off precipitously at the end of the year. I hope things stay good at $EMPLOYER. They should, but I don't expect to survive if there's another round of layoffs.

Database: not returning results. Will have to run queries later. What now?

Waiting for announcements, information, etc about a couple things. Not getting any. On one, I will know, no matter what, by Tuesday, because I can pry it out of some cold, dead hands. On the other, who the hell knows? That seems to be the modus operandi about this stuff, no info ever about anything.

I have church tonight and tomorrow morning. I hope tonight isn't supposed to be a little potluck after, because I don't have anything and I didn't see any announcement to that effect. On the other hand, I wouldn't mind because I'll be hungry and I do like to eat, sometimes, when I am hungry. I had a Coke this morning and some orange juice last night.

I have to study for accounting: midterm exam on Tuesday. Oddly enough, this stuff seems like it will at least be vaguely useful to know.

Maybe there should be a potluck after. I would otherwise not be home until late and it would probably give me a chance to run into people.

I can't type while I'm running this stuff because the tool keeps stealing focus from me and I type fast so I hit the space bar which cancels stuff. Oops.

Trying hard to care.

Read an article about pensions that confirmed what I sort of knew - sans shocking detail - from looking at the business at the actuarial end as one looking to get into it: it's all a stupid sham. I had seen similar rumblings in the past and, of course, was familiar with the CTA fiasco, being in $CITY, but was not completely aware of the full implications of the pile of nonsense. What kind of foolish accounting laws could possibly permit these wankers to claim they could get 8% annual returns on low-risk investments while paying out 6% on bonds and then let them hide their underperformance for years on end? The mind boggles. And this bombshell hasn't really hit yet.

I guess I'll spend all day Saturday working on cost of manufactured goods schedules. I also have a test in economics coming up, but that shouldn't be too bad. I'm not even sure what he could be asking on the test, it seems like we haven't covered anything (except recommending going to a Fed conference across the street from work in May, which I might do, but it costs $$$ to attend). Accounting, though, there are all these little details to get just right. Bah.

I have to stop all this nonsense.

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