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By gzt (Fri Feb 06, 2009 at 06:41:20 AM EST) gzt, caliban, auden, tempest, your pretty face is going to hell (all tags)
I bought those operator pants MNS mentioned. I also bought Boswell's Life of Johnson and a collection of Johnson's works to have on my nightstand alongside The Anatomy of Melancholy, the Bible, and whatever novel I'm reading at the moment. The other day, I ordered The Tempest, The Sea and the Mirror, and Auden's Collected Poems. The Collected Poems has several notable omissions, since Auden revised his canon substantially at the end of his life.

I suppose I'm going back into an English literature phase. If you haven't noticed, I go through phases that last a couple months. I recycle through them, I don't add new ones. For a couple months, I'll play chess for four hours a day. Then I'll watch a lot of Doctor Who. Then I'll drink heavily. Then I might pick up chess again. Then I'll play guitar. Then I'll read vigorously. I'm about to read vigorously.

Or maybe I'm just about to buy a lot of books. Sometimes I buy things. That typically doesn't last a couple months.

But, ah, Caliban!

Your pretty face is going to hell.

My econ class looks to be a joke. But I don't see anybody else laughing. It's all for the best: this will give me time to study for $EXAM in May, which is about a week before finals.

I'm hitting The Anatomy of Melancholy pretty hard right now. The Third Partition, which is about Love and also Religious Melancholy. The prose is rich and buttery. I could take a knife and spread it on bread.

And then there's Donne. His holy sonnets, mostly. I can't stand most of the rest.

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