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Last night I had vegetarian chili a la gzt.

I also played Viktory with the roommate. It's apparently not ideal with 2 and we were futzing about trying to get the rules figured out. It was fairly even until a decisive battle took out two of my major towns and landlocked my ships. I couldn't generate enough reinforcements to come back. I was about to make a blitz on his capital, too.

Somebody here mentioned possibly sending a child to an Ivy League school. Just as an FYI, they end up not being more expensive than a lot of other options. They tend to have large endowments and generous aid for those who lack the silver spoon. The price tag is about on par with other private schools, but with far more available aid. The average student who graduates with debt has less debt than even those attending state schools - true fact, I have a spreadsheet that shows it. Granted, with the performance in the last year of most endowments, grants will likely be less generous at, say, Harvard than in the past, but everybody else got hit, too. The short of it is, if she can get in and thinks she would want to go, don't let the money scare you off (at least until you actually see what you will pay). And, trust me, a lot of dopes get in those schools. I know for a fact that Univ. of Chicago is trying to increase the number of undergrads, so they are having to widen the pool. There are some people getting in who, on graduation, only score in the mid-150s on the LSAT. That's friggin' criminal.

PS The Univ of Chicago just got a friggin' huge donation from an alumnus that provides a ton of aid to essentially anybody making less than six figures. I don't know how that program is doing post-apocalypse, though.

I think I bought some opal yesterday.

Vegetarian chili a la gzt recipe:
I had a banana and then I finished off my chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. I think I might've had a Boston cream doughnut earlier in the evening, too. I think I might go and get one now, actually. Be right back. And that's vegetarian chili a la gzt. No beans, no tomatoes.

The aristocrats!

I was going to wear some coyote brown pants with a lot of awesome pockets to work today, it's casual day, but then I remembered that I have a meeting with some vice president or other to discuss some stuff I did that apparently everybody thinks is totally awesome and valuable or whatevs, so I just went with dark jeans and a sweater. A relatively conservative casual day. I like the jeans, too, so, whatevs. When I get home, though, I will change into my coyote brown pants and I will also put on my NEW BOOTS which should arrive in the mail today. It is cold out, so I will also wear a coyote brown hat that should arrive in the mail today.

Friggin' hell. Why is it when I paste this, the grey stuff becomes light orange? It's totally harshing my report. You forget where you come from, foolish text. You were grey in your homeland and you will be grey still when you immigrate to your new worksheet: DO NOT FORGET SO EASILY.

I'm bored. I thought about taking the LSAT on a lark, but it's an expensive lark. It would be, partly, the show up one of the enemies and partly because I heard some girl I knew got a 180. The three of us from my high school who went to my uni, one aced the SAT, one aced the LSAT (so I've heard, I could be wrong), and then there's me. I did all right for myself, I got a 35 on the ACT, but I haven't aced anything major. I don't feel inferior or anything. I know a lot of talented people and am not ashamed or jealous if any of them do better than me. I am quite content to admit I know brilliant people. What gets to me is that I am rather brilliant and some things do not seem to work out despite my efforts. Namely, getting a job that I can give a shit about that actually uses any of my skills.

I am reading a bit of Boswell's diaries from 1762-3. I ran into a line: "She is in all probability a most consummate dissembling whore." Ouch! It was some girl he had been seeing for a time and then caught a venereal disease from. When he asked her about it, she said she hadn't been with anybody else. Zing! It still wasn't very nice of him, even if he only wrote it.

Some guy wants to play Mare Nostrum tonight. I will also bring along Viktory and make sure to remember the rules and get them right in case we want a change of pace. I will wear my boots and coyote brown pants. The boots are black, not coyote brown. I may need coyote brown boots, too.

I will have vegetarian chili a la gzt for lunch. It will basically be goo wrapped in a tortilla. Actually, no, it will not be chili, since it will have tomatoes and beans. I suppose the word for that is "burrito".

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I have the future Ivy Leaguer by georgeha (2.00 / 0) #1 Fri Feb 27, 2009 at 07:50:27 AM EST
and no, we're not ruling anything out, but she's certainly capable of getting a free ride to an excellent college, so any way I can motivate her I will.

Yeah, Viktory needs more than 2, it's only okay with 2, no chance for backstabbing.

Backstabbing: the best part of any game. by gzt (2.00 / 0) #2 Fri Feb 27, 2009 at 09:49:37 AM EST
One-on-one wrestling around is always kind of fun. But it definitely indicated that things would be cooler with like 4 or 5 players.

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That's why they have the vassal rules by georgeha (2.00 / 0) #3 Fri Feb 27, 2009 at 09:54:11 AM EST
so you can conquer others and keep them in the game.

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