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By dev trash (Thu Dec 03, 2009 at 10:16:21 PM EST) (all tags)
But tonight is laundry night and unless you're showing up with some fine hard cider and a snuggie, I've got clothes to wash!

SO there were some thunderstorms last night, in December no less and my power went out for like 30 seconds. Since the UPS battery is shot to hell and can hold like 2 seconds of power I came home to a very quiet apartment tonight. Took the time then to install the latest kernel, 2.6.31 on those three machines. They just finished getting rebooted.

I'm eating a slice of almost fresh sourdough bread purchased at the grocery. It is pretty damn good. I should buy myself one of those bread machines and make some of my own.

Anyone using the or Google DNS?

Upgrading Word Press is as simple as one two three. I did it today and wow. Doing the same for Drupal. Meh. Sure they're different on the complexity scale but still.

If it's true that Tiger's been taking mulligans off the home course, since he met the lil lady, wow. Either she doesn't pay all that much attention or he's really stealth or she didn't care. If the voicemail thing is true, it must be a mix of one and two.

Meredith Baxter Birney is a lesbian. Odd that she was married I think four times.

Dollhouse is on Friday and I'm just not at all excited about it. Hell if I don't remind myself I'll probably not even watch it. What's the point?

I filled out my passport paperwork today during a slow period at work. Beginning of the year I'll get the actual process initiated and then to HusiStock 11 I go.

I've not shaved since the Wednesday before November 1. I was going to go all winter like last year but, meh it grows in weird and I think it may be holding me back. Too late to shave tonight.

No story about the bridge nor field tonight. Got a late start to laundry and shopping tonight, and I'm beat. So I leave you with this:
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