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By gzt (Thu Oct 08, 2009 at 11:59:37 AM EST) gzt, free money, cops, chairs, phone (all tags)
Okay, we have chairs. I can breathe. And I have appointments set up for the gas, phone, etc.

The telephone issue is being resolved. Perhaps, as anonimouse suggested, the phone may have been salvageable. But, it wasn't salvaged, so we're living with it. It seems, actually, that the most palatable alternative is to cancel one of the two lines and operate using only the second line. We eat the early termination fee, but it's on par with the cost of a replacement phone and we solve the problem of having too much phone service. It's not ideal, but it seems like the best plan given the situation we're in. When we're cancelling, we'll ask them if it's the best they can do for us.

I need to call the chair place back about their quote. They included too many chairs and I need to figure out whether they will deliver up a ramp or not - they won't deliver up a set of stairs. It's fine if they don't, but it would be more convenient. I also need to find out whether the chairs come on a chair cart or a pallet or what. And I'll see if I can get stuff cheaper somehow magically, see if they can do any better, but I realize I don't have much leeway here.

We're going to the reception venue today to nail down some details and figure stuff out. Woo.

Umm, I'd really better get working on this project.

Had cheap Chinese food last night. Good times. Tipped well because I didn't have smaller bills. Low quality, highly acceptable.

PeopleSoft upgrade is a bitch. And then you die.

Against my better judgment, I contacted a woman from the past and told her I was very glad she was out of my life. It was a thought that suddenly struck me as I was considering how glad I was that R was in my life; the complete contrast was so striking I simply had to tell. Had a short conversation, and now I'm going to set a filter on my e-mail to bury any and all future correspondence from her.

I finally got some mail at my new address. So, it's working, or something like that. I just wonder where the hell the new tags for my license plate are. I renewed on 9/25. I knew I should have renewed in person rather than over the internet - 5 to 10 business days my ass. I can get a ticket any time a cop sees my car. It's screaming, "Look at me! Free money!"

Okay. Time for lunch. Free money!

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