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By gzt (Tue Oct 06, 2009 at 03:36:52 PM EST) gzt, lifting, vendors, nonsense, not my problem (all tags)
in re: my phone. I called a couple vendors of stuff last night and was going to chase them down during lunch today, but the calls were not in the "Recent History" on my phone. Bah! Whatte the swyve? I'll chase them later today after looking them up again on Teh Internets. Highly annoying. I knew I should've saved the numbers instead of relying on "Recent History".

I went to the dentist today. I need to floss more. They've been telling me that for years. I believe them, but I never do.

I should get teh internets at my new place today. W00t. Nobody is home for them to hook up the phone line, though. I don't care.

I just realized: I haven't gotten any mail at my new place at all yet. I would've expected something to come in by now. Nothing in particular, just something. I may send myself a letter. Drat, all the stamps are at home.

Must get more work done.

Must order chairs.

Need to explain that, for the future, this isn't the stuff I do. I can do it just this once, because you want something fast and not very rigorous, but you can't push on it and you can't ask for more because I can't make it rigorous as this isn't what I do and I don't have the tools to do it.

Okay, and this thing, all of this is just BS. Just letting you all know.

in re: somebody else's phone. R's phone got destroyed last night. Oops! I'm dropping one off for her tonight.

I meant to lift yesterday, but stuff came up. Can I get around to lifting today? Maybe. Stuff is coming up. Yarr. It's a bit of a haul to make it to the gym with my move. But it is open until 11:30 now.

Okay, I'm taking a break to chase stuff down now.

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