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By gzt (Thu Oct 29, 2009 at 01:52:30 PM EST) gzt, deadlift, car sharing, assmar, 70s big (all tags)
barooo pointed me to an olympic lifting competition that's like right in my neighborhood in 6 weeks. I'm not committing yet, since I have to double-check my schedule, but I may just have to buckle down, get 70's big, and try to rock the joint. I found a gym nearby that should fit my training needs (B&W).

I've been dormant because I've been busy, and when I wasn't, my gym closed at like 9, and then I moved and got married, and, well, it was all just a big mess for a little over two months. But six weeks should be enough, if I can actually train, to get my squat back up to like 150 at least and my clean and jerk, maybe, up to 100kg. And my bodyweight up at least 10kg. Okay, we'll see how it goes. I'm excited! Unless I can't do it. I am terribly busy, you know.

We need to figure out furnishings. We're looking at tables/chairs right now. One of the annoying things is delivery. We also certainly need some sort of sofa, some sorts of easy chairs.

Another thing that's contingent on is whether I recover from these colds I keep having enough that my ass-mar isn't triggered by the slightest exertion, draft, or bit of smoke.

I have a few questions ready for the gym just to make sure they're the right place and to know what I'm getting into. Can I oly lift. How many platforms are there. What brands of bars and bumpers. Can I use chalk. What are the hours. What are the dues. Is there an all-you-can-eat buffet close by, or at least a McDonalds.

I sort of gave up on Troilus and Cressida. Or however Chaucer spelled it. I was all like "whatevs" and I misplaced the book and I didn't really care much.

We don't drive much, nor do we, strictly speaking, need it, but there are a couple points in the next few months where it would be nice. Oh! I had previously dismissed the carsharing options locally for the most part because the nearest available vehicles were a bit of a trek away, but I just looked at the map and noticed that they are actually right by a train station. Two stops away from the train station I live at. So it's rather feasible. So is the other, purely local, car-sharing company. Hot damn. This could actually work well. Hey, if anybody uses one of these services and wants a referral bonus...

I'm pretty happy right now. Despite the pain in my lower back that comes from an excessive amount of time without deadlifts.

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