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By gzt (Thu Aug 07, 2008 at 12:02:27 PM EST) gzt, chess, slaughter, disc golf (all tags)
...but instead got roped into all-you-can-eat fish and chips. Well, there you have it.

I got my disc golf discs, though, so I'll practice my drives today or something. It's been years since I've played. I haven't played seriously since I got a bronze in the U15 (!) division of the $STATE Games. I played occasionally in high school when they started a club, but not too much. Let's see if I can get 300' drives straight out of the box. 400' would be improbable given how long it's been since I've seriously thrown (not since high school ultimate).

I'm, uh, going to $OTHER_TOWN for a day and wearing my suit in a couple weeks.

I've got to get out of here.

The blood pressure machine at work said 118/72, so I guess I'm doing all right. And that was after walking around.

I've made a few mistakes and I hope they don't come back around to bite me. A few big mistakes.

Incidentally, I hope we get this stuff picked up soon, because if I am going to move, well, this buddy of mine is interested in moving in with my roommate should I leave (but not otherwise), and his window for being able to do so is rapidly coming to a close (is it already past?!). So we had better get this nailed down. We may have other interested parties able to move in, but I really don't want to dick the roommate. So that place in town had better get back to me soon and we had better find out quick from that place I'm visiting while wearing a suit...

The point is, September, I think, was the latest they could effectively do this. And, uh, there's not much time left.

There's a chess tournament in my neighborhood in a couple weeks. I'll play some training matches to prepare. It's nothing big, just a 4 rd G/60, I won't even be in the Open section. But I have confidence in me: I can slaughter anybody playing in my section.

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