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By nightflameblue (Thu Aug 14, 2008 at 04:37:08 AM EST) (all tags)
How did this happen?

American Idol, the game. Stalking the prey. Dell's new computers. The Daycare rearranges, to prepare to rearrange.

So, Mrs. NFB got her first games for the XBox yesterday. One of them being, American Idol. She decided this would be better than getting a karaoke machine. At least, for now.

So, she says she'll only sing in front of me if I go first. So, I whip up Sweet Dreams and RTFO to it. I even went all falsetto at points. I tore it up so well I had kitties yowling and dogs barking and Miss Kitten biting me.

OK, maybe that's not a good thing.

Anyway, I get done and hand the mic to Mrs. NFB. Then she says, "you need to leave now."

"But, you said. . ."

"I know, but I'm embarrassed. Go to your office."

My office is about as close as you can come to the opposite side of the house from where the XBox is set up.

Now, despite the fact that I'm capable of getting up on stage and rocking the fuck out like a bastard, it's VERY different for me to sing without a guitar in my hands. That's not easy for me on any level. Yet, for her, I did it.

She used the look she's stolen from Pup1 on me, the big eyes, sad, "but I want it" look that gets me every time. I hung my head and went to my room, like a kid who was being punished.

Sad thing is, I just sat there. I had things I could work on, but I just sat there, waiting. For what? I have no idea. Eventually I got tired of waiting and went and did the evening chores. Then went to go to bed. She saw me coming and shut it down before I heard anything.

We had a chat where I discussed my displeasure. She refuses to budge on this one. I asked her why she wanted this game if she doesn't ever want to sing in front of other people, and she just shook her head like I don't get it.

Gotta be honest, I don't.

So, we played a couple death matches to work out the aggression and then went to bed relatively happy. Though, obviously, the incident is still simmering in my mind. We'll revisit it the next time she breaks out the game. Oh yes, we will.


In a completely unrelated event, I walked around the corner of the bathroom hallway this morning while Mrs. NFB was showering so I could go get some glasses cleaners from the back room. There, in the bathroom doorway, slinking slowly across the floor, looking in the general direction of the shower, is Kitty1.

Mrs. NFB and Kitty1 have a weird relationship. They obviously love each other, as any time one of them is upset they find themselves comforted by the other. But, at the same time, there's an antagonism that goes on between those two that's just unbelievable. It's been there from the start. They'll go for long periods with nothing happening, then Mrs. NFB will be chasing Kitty1 all over the house. Secretely, this is one of Kitty1's favorite things. But, of course, each time she does it, sometime within the next forty-eight hours she'll find herself scared out of her wits by Kitty1 popping up unexpectedly somewhere, throwing her little kitty arms in the air and making some weird mouth noise that resembles a bark more than a meow.

So, I stand there in the hallway, waiting to see where this is going this time. Kitty1's deep black body pressed low against the bathroom floor. She slinks closer to the shower, closer, then turns her head slowly from one side, then the other, realizes I'm standing there watching her and suddenly runs from the room to stand in the living room and look all innocent like she hadn't been doing anything at all.

I'm guessing this is all precipitated by Mrs. NFB grabbing Kitty1 last night when we climbed into bed and hugging her and kissing her. Kitty1 loves the attention, but acts like she hates it. It's definitely something she's retaliated for in the past.

I was sort of disappointed. I was hoping to see how Kitty1 reacted to jumping into a shower while it was running. Almost as much as I was hoping to see Mrs. NFB's reaction to a CAT jumping in the shower. The dogs do it on rare occassion, but never the cats while it's running. That could have proven interesting.


Dell's saying they've got new laptops that can run up to 19 hours on a single charge. They forgot to mention you have to keep the screen so dark you can barely read it, have the processor speed set to nothing, be doing absolutely nothing on it during that entire time, and not access any of the drives. Outside of that, I'm sure it's a great computer.

All that being said, it'd be nice to get a computer with a useful battery life of ten hours or so. That'd be enough to cover most of a work day. And if previous claims and real world results bear any resemblance to this new laptop, around half of what they claim would be acceptable.

If I ever decide I need a Linux laptop for the road, after these have been tested for a couple years and smoothed out, these could be on the radar. Maybe.

*FLAMESUIT ON* But I'd rather get a Powerbook with good battery life.


The kids upstairs just had new cubicles installed about a month ago. Maybe five weeks. This was done to streamline their processes and make "pods" where there was a certain number of each type of customer service rep in each pod and they could work together to resolve customer issues. It almost made sense.

Yesterday we get notice, they'll be rearranging at the end of this week to prepare for two new people. OK, fair enough. However, this is temporary, as they will be moving everyone in a couple weeks to pull out all existing cubicles, replace all carpet, then put new cubicle structures in place.

Now, let's keep in mind that this is the newest section of the office area. It's been in place for about three years, the carpet was only installed less than two years ago. But, since they carpeted the old lunch room space for other cubicles, and the carpet there didn't match the carpet in the other customer service area, the decision was made that the best possible solution, despite the fact that you really can't tell the difference without getting on your hands and knees where they meet up with a magnifying glass, was to replace the older carpet with the newer carpet so that it's a perfect match.

The question was raised when it was brought to IT's attention of where all these people are going to go while this is going on. We're talking about thirty people here, using the only available space in the building. The Daycare managers response? "We haven't discussed that yet."

My guess? That new crapateria has been driving them INSANE. They hate that other people have access to it. They'll set up meetings for lunch time just to block it off from the plant employees who actually depend on it for lunch. They'll be proposing that they get to take it over on a temporary basis while they get new carpet installed, and then just forget to move back afterwards.

You all think I'm being paranoid, but this was proposed before, the day after the cafeteria opened because they were waiting on the old lunch room conversion for another four days. And that was only for five people. Now that they have more people to deal with, and absolutely no other available space? Yeah, it's on.

Where they'll actually end up? The two training rooms that get used a couple times a week for meetings. But it'll be a fight to shoehorn them in there. I just don't see the company president allowing them to steal the crapateria, no matter how much they want it.

The die has been cast. Let's see where it falls.


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The crapiteria takeover by MartiniPhilosopher (2.00 / 0) #1 Thu Aug 14, 2008 at 06:02:49 AM EST
So the thing that gets me about this and other things in life is why people do it. That's the part I don't understand. Why try to get into other people's business like that? Why spend all of that energy and effort into trying to control what other people are doing?

Whenever I hear one of those aforementioned douche bags pontificate about how dangerous [...] videogames are I get a little stabby. --Wil Wheaton.

I don't get it either. by nightflameblue (2.00 / 0) #2 Thu Aug 14, 2008 at 06:37:47 AM EST
Because that's the part that's eating me. These folks are just OBSESSED that other people can eat there and do everything they can to eat up the communal area during lunch time as many days a week as they can come up with an excuse. Trying to wrap my brain around how that could happen, and how, as a company, nobody in the management can say, "hey, that's supposed to be for the entire company, you can't have a lock on it" when they go all jerkface on an entire room full of people eating lunch and supposed to be on break by screaming at them to shut the hell up so they can hear their meeting take place through the loudspeakers in the ceiling, that's gonna cause me serious mental problems.

Or it would if I dwelled on it more than I have here. Which I pretty much haven't, because I'm pretty certain that this will be too far and the big man will have finally had enough. I hope.

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