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By jayhawk88 (Wed Jul 23, 2008 at 04:21:29 AM EST) (all tags)
It's starting to feel like the home stretch.

Baby preparations continue. My mom came down last weekend and helped me get the spare bedroom painted half white/half pink. Took down the plastic and tape yesterday, turned out not too bad except for a little pink on a couple of power outlets. Still have to get the border paper up, which is going to be quite a chore to make it look decent.

We've also got both cribs and a glider rocker last week, still sitting in boxes in the garage waiting for the room to be complete. Dug up a couple old dressers from the basement that Jenn's mom is going to help us paint that should pretty much take care of the baby room furniture problem.

The new car situation is also on-going. I've put carseats in probably a dozen different models in the past 2-3 weeks, and have finally come up with a couple of top choices, Chevy Equinox and Toyota Highlander. Unless there's something about the Equinox that we just absolutely hate, I have a feeling it will be the one. Was very comfortable sitting me and a carseat behind me, and still had quite a bit of "trunk" space. The only questionable aspect was reliability, but Chevy's come with a pretty good warranty, and the powertrain portion got a decent reliability rating according to several review websites I saw.

Lawmower has also been acting up. Basically running like crap. Replaced the spark plug again, changed the oil, still crap. Talked with James who suggested changing the air filter (even though it looks OK) and spraying some GumOut into it.

And oh yeah there's still that whole "Work 8-5" thing, which lately has involved a lot of documentation/knowledge transfer of what I do to others, in preparation for my time away come this September.

Whew. Yeah, it's been a little hectic lately.

Jenn's working half days at the office starting this week, and going home to finish out the day with her feet up. Not doctor recommended or anything, mostly just as a "because I can" thing, and full days at the office really drain her. All things considered she's getting along fairly well: when we started this we were considering the very real possibility that she might be put on full time bedrest by now. Getting in and out of bed is kind of a chore for her, and she can't stand/walk for lengthy periods, but these are things one just kind of expects with pregnant women.

Jenn's also starting to feel a lot more movement from the girls these days. One of them had the hiccups the other morning as she was getting ready for work, she could actually see her belly jumping a little. A couple of other instances when she thought she might be able to feel kicks from the outside. She's been kind of obsessed with being able to feel baby movement from the outside lately, as she really wants me to be able to feel it as well.

One last thing: If you aren't watching The Venture Brothers, shame on you.

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Hiccups by hulver (2.00 / 0) #1 Wed Jul 23, 2008 at 05:11:38 AM EST
Very funny to watch when they get a bit further along.
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