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By georgeha (Fri Jun 06, 2008 at 07:11:21 AM EST) Danes, wrenchin, mumblecore, erections (all tags)
otherwise known as After the Wedding.

Plus, the near porn of Young American Bodies, moving, Settlers, 15000 miles, and less.

This weekend's movie was After the Wedding. We had seen a few previews for this and were intrigued, I guess I was expecting some lusty, violent Gypsy extravaganza, based on the previews. But no, it's about a bunch of Danes, and what happens when a Dane who runs a charity in India shows up at a wedding for his preferred donor's adopted daughter. It did draw us in, even though it was more restrained than the previews suggested. It might have been a feel good sort of movie if I understood Danish. And the Danes got funky, dancing to "Raining Men".

In other media news, after reading a review on Slate I've been getting sucked into Young American Bodies, a mumblecore webvideo soap about a bunch of 20 somethings living in Chicago (they used to be called slackers, I don't know what the current term is). I'd rate it as NC-17, you see external genitalia, and I see one big perk of being the director and star is you can avoid shrinkage shots.

Six year old's class had an all day and overnight expedition in Webster Park, Tuesday morning I volunteered to set up tents, in the drizzle. I setup about 6 tents. Mrs. Ha went up for the night, and didn't sleep a wink, making her extra tired for Thursday Sixth grade Exhibition, the 21st and last. She had fun, re-enacting the Settlers life by hiking through the woods pulling wagons of belongings, and cooking over an open fire.

Eleven year old ended up tagging along to Friendly's for ice cream after her exhibition, as the overnight had made Mrs. Ha and six year old too tired.

I've moved into my new cube, I've tossed and recycled an astonishing amount of stuff. In my new cube, I have more space on the side of my file cabinet for magnetic games, I'll have to think of the appropriate one to start it.

In other moving news, the college/post-college kids across the street moved out, throwing away an incredible amount of stuff. It was mostly girls, so I didn't get any thing good, but Mrs. Ha and eleven year old got some nice clothes. The new people have already moved in, but they haven't done anything unusual yet. The neighbors in upstreet_boys duplex moved out, and new ones moved in, one of whom has a V-twin. We'll have to meet up, and exchange the secret handshake.

In other motorcycle news, I've only ridden to work twice this week, but my odometer passed 15000. I've put 5000 of those miles on it. I think I need to recheck my float levels, as I'm running out of things to check on the carb to lower the idle.

I didn't ride today, even though it's a good day for riding, as eleven year old wants to go to Girl Scout camping this week, and she needs to be ready by 5:30 tonight. I wouldn't have time to ride home and change and exchange vehicles, so I have to leave a little early and pick the girls up at preschool_moms.

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I must be getting old by webwench (2.00 / 0) #1 Fri Jun 06, 2008 at 07:37:12 AM EST
I had to look up 'mumblecore'.

Getting more attention than you since 1998. Ya ya!

It' s okay grannie, I'm a hep webcat by georgeha (4.00 / 1) #2 Fri Jun 06, 2008 at 07:39:04 AM EST
and I'll keep you up on all the trends.

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idle by barooo (2.00 / 0) #3 Tue Jun 10, 2008 at 05:42:49 AM EST
a couple ideas...  could you have a vacuum leak via a cracked carb boot?  Break out the propane torch while it's running, and without lighting it, pass the propane flow around the carb boots and see if the revs shoot up.  Another is that if it's like the yamaha, there's a master idle screw linked across all of the carbs, and I think it's possible for the shaft to be rotated such that the minimum setting is 180 degrees off of what it should be, or, much much higher.  But that probably required disassembling the carb rack to check.

man, i need a beefy taco now.
I didn't know Danes could get funky | 3 comments (3 topical, 0 hidden)