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By ana (Mon Apr 14, 2008 at 09:46:43 AM EST) WFC, WFC9, WFC ix, WFC Eye Ex (all tags)
do it. Today. Or tomorrow. Or wait til the infinitely procrastinated "late stuff fun challenge".

Also inside, link-farm action for WFC9

So, about the ninth Writing Fun Challenge:

The call.

The posting site, with special added bonus cover art.

Voting. Do go read the CRwM/blixco debate.

256 is Teh Winnar!

And now, post-mortem descriptions by some of the authors.

Thanks to everyone who participated, either with pictures or stories or both, and to ad hoc who hosted the upload site. And, of course, to CRwM for organizing, hosting, and debating blixco on the relative merits of the stories. Said debate (see voting story above) was worth the price of admission.

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