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By anonimouse (Fri Mar 07, 2008 at 01:03:55 AM EST) zippy (all tags)
At $ISP, for reasons best known to the company, we have several problem tracking systems....

And Miss Minimouse reports a Zippy moment too....

First, there's Remedy, which is not my problem. $ISP has a problem with Remedy, the gist of which is that it has too many users for the number of licenses it has, and it didn't want to increase the number of licences. It's looking at alternatives. However being T**cali, and a bit of a tightwad, it's been looking at alternatives and reluctant to part with any money to fix the problem for a year now...

However, the Network Operations Centre has its own system for requests to change the network (CRs). Recently, I've been asked to expand the system so that it also has a system of tickets for Site Access (ARs) and also to handle simple low level maintenance requests (SRs).

The PHP which I inherited was not particularly well written, and my additions weren't helping, so on Monday I had a "f**k this for a game of soldiers" moment, and instead of installing yet another patch into the PHP, I decided to write a single PHP file which would do the work of 14 others, and still be the same size as only 2 of the old ones. In order to do this, I also renamed some of the MySQL database fields for the simple reason I could make the code to handle all these requests more generic if fields for different request types had a standard naming policy.

I notified everyone that the site would be down for short periods, which was good, but what I didn't realise was that $ISP Wiki had a number of modules which reported from the database. Changing the database field names stopped the Wiki from operating entirely....

Unaware of the module effects, and assuming it must be a problem with the Wiki itself, yours truly
a) Checked Apache was well
b) checked that session data was stored ok
c) reinstalled the Wiki database from the backup
d) reinstalled the Wiki code base
e) Started putting little "Hi" messages in the Wiki PHP to find out where it died.....

Miss Minimouse reports

...that it is a bad idea to put your soft toy which doubles as a hot water bottle in the microwave for 10 times longer than is recommended.....

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